Physique Competitions

Physique competitions are divided into five divisions: Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Figure competitors are judged on muscle tone, symmetry and overall presentation, but muscle mass is more downplayed than in bodybuilding. The contest is a marvelous display of poise, coordination, skin tone, elegance, personality and glamour. It is perfect for women who strive to show off their hard work in a feminine way.

More Athletes: Bikini Figure Bodybuilding

Zdravka Maksurova - Bikini
Stephanie Morrissey - Bikini
Kelsey Lawrence - Bikini
Kelly Pilgrim - Bikini
Ashton Taylor - Bikini
Victoria Lynn - Bikini
Marissa Danish - Bikini
Ashley Boettge - Bikini
Heather Dilworth - Bikini
Cecily Zimbelman - Bikini
Enjoli Enriquez - Updated Interview
Road to the Bikini Stage, by Diana Ayala
Andressa Ribeiro - IFBB Figure Pro
Tonya Fines - Figure
Kay Pate - Figure
Yolanda Smith - Updated Interview
Shawna Mereau - Figure
Julianne Latuszek - Figure
Eating for a competition / Rania Natalie
Sanja Malesevich - WBFF Figure Pro
Angelique Kronebusch - Figure
Sagit Eizenman - Physique
Elizabeth Bradshaw - Figure

Competition Prep Guides

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