Physique Competitions

Physique competitions are divided into five divisions: Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Figure competitors are judged on muscle tone, symmetry and overall presentation, but muscle mass is more downplayed than in bodybuilding. The contest is a marvelous display of poise, coordination, skin tone, elegance, personality and glamour. It is perfect for women who strive to show off their hard work in a feminine way.

More Athletes: Bikini Figure Physique Bodybuilding

Keema Lenderman - Bikini
Alyssa Cinelli - Bikini
Jennifer Schandelmayer - Bikini
Jericette Moniz - Bikini
Tawnya Cline - IFPA Bikini Pro
Casey Puett - Bikini
Julie Bonnett - WBFF Pro
Lori Lynn - IFBB Bikini Pro
Sandi Townsend - IFBB Bikini Pro
Shandy Ortiz - IFBB Bikini Pro
Lynn Sambuco - IFBB Bikini Pro
Joanne Holden - IFBB Bikini Pro
Melanie Lilly - WBFF Bikini Pro
Kiisha Michelle - WBFF Bikini Pro
Pep Ryan - UFE Bikini Pro
Aisha Macdonald - IDFA Pro Fitness
Treshanna Creighton - IFPA Bikini Pro
Jenny Lynn - IFPA Bikini Pro
Nicole Scudder - IFPA Bikini Pro
Rebecca Macey - IFPA Bikini Pro
Heather Eggers - DFAC Bikini Pro

Leah McDonald - Physique
Terri Griffiths - Physique
Angel Coleman - Physique
Lenka Ferencukova - Physique
Deborah Sizemore - IFBB Fitness Pro
Linda Simnick - IFBB Physique Pro
Amy Bowen - IFBB Physique Pro
Marie Pierre Ripert - IFBB Physique Pro
Jill Vadala - IFBB Physique Pro
Andrea Farmer - IFBB Physique Pro
Nicole Carter - IFBB Physique Pro
Lisa Grasso - IFBB Physique Pro
Jennifer Sammartino - IFPA Physique Pro
Rebecca Krankota - Figure
Kimberly Reed - Figure
Eleonora Volter - Figure
Alysha Cliff - Figure
Catherine Tear - Figure
Amanda Hodges - Figure
Vanessa Matthews - Figure
Angelica Bell - Figure
Joannah Castro - Figure
Rebecca Eger - IFBB Figure Pro
Kimberly Jones - IFBB Figure Pro
Christina Woodward - IFBB Figure Pro
Angela Yeo - PNBA Figure Pro
Kavvy Sonhos - IFBB Figure Pro
Wendy Fortino - IFBB Figure Pro
Jessica MacMillan - IFBB Figure Pro
Andressa Ribeiro - IFBB Figure Pro
Veronica Yoo - WBFF Figure Pro

Emery Miller - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Denise Faith - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Tana McGowan - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Janet Esterkes - WNBF Pro Bodybuilder
Janelle Arigo - WNBF Pro Bodybuilder
Tara Ebejer - IFPA Pro Bodybuilder
Melanie Redington - Bodybuilder
Theresa Ivancik - Bodybuilder

Competition Prep e-Books

Preventing injury in female bodybuilders Preventing injury in female bodybuilders
By Coby VandenBerg
MS, LAT, ATC, CES Athletic Trainer

Glutes Guide Glutes Guide
By Justine Albert,
IFPA Pro and NPC Figure Competitor.

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