Physique Competitions

Physique competitions are divided into five divisions: Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Figure competitors are judged on muscle tone, symmetry and overall presentation, but muscle mass is more downplayed than in bodybuilding. The contest is a marvelous display of poise, coordination, skin tone, elegance, personality and glamour. It is perfect for women who strive to show off their hard work in a feminine way.

More Athletes: Bikini Figure Physique Bodybuilding

Aisha Macdonald - IDFA Pro Fitness
Shandy Ortiz - IFBB Bikini Pro
Lynn Sambuco - IFBB Bikini Pro
Joanne Holden - IFBB Bikini Pro
Kiisha Michelle - WBFF Bikini Pro
Treshanna Creighton - IFPA Bikini Pro
Jenny Lynn - IFPA Bikini Pro
Nicole Scudder - IFPA Bikini Pro
Rebecca Macey - IFPA Bikini Pro
Heather Eggers - DFAC Bikini Pro
Amasha Marshall - Bikini
Annie Marie Smith - Bikini
Christa Etnyre - Bikini
Helga Stibi - Bikini
Emily Mitchell - Bikini
Alyssa Pappadio - Bikini
Erica Stepteau - Bikini

Christina Woodward - IFBB Figure Pro
May Strickland - IFBB Figure Pro
Alissa Parker - IFBB Figure Pro
Dawn Fernandez - IFBB Figure Pro
Tara Ramos - IFBB Figure Pro
Melissa Spiegel - IFBB Figure Pro
Sheila Forjuoh - IFBB Figure Pro
Wendy Fortino - IFBB Figure Pro
Jessica MacMillan - IFBB Figure Pro
Andressa Ribeiro - IFBB Figure Pro
Veronica Yoo - WBFF Figure Pro
Lindsay Museousky - IFPA Figure Pro
Melissa Stenberg - IFPA Figure Pro
Denise Kimnach - IFPA Figure Pro
Hope Marie - PNBA Figure Pro
Amy Myers - INBA Figure Pro
Niki Bryant - WNBF Figure Pro
Janet Marsico - WNBF Figure Pro
Erin Crawford - IDFA Figure Pro
Julia Nyitray - OCB Figure Pro
Tamera Menard - Figure
Felicia Cox - Figure
Natasha Miller - Figure
Leah Frye - Figure
Sue Raynor - Figure
Lisa Forman - Figure
Priscilla Sites - Figure
Diana Oliveira - Figure
Melanie Noel - Figure
Kristine Griffith - Figure
Donna Baran - Figure
Laticia Jackson - IFBB Fitness Pro
Linda Simnick - IFBB Physique Pro
Amy Bowen - IFBB Physique Pro
Jill Vadala - IFBB Physique Pro
Andrea Farmer - IFBB Physique Pro
Nicole Carter - IFBB Physique Pro
Lisa Grasso - IFBB Physique Pro
Jennifer Sammartino - IFPA Physique Pro
Melody Ohling - Physique
Katherine Hoffman - Physique
Dawn Haffner - Physique
Lucy Cerantola - Physique
Peggy Eberhart - Physique
Amy Hanley Garside - Physique
Tara Brandt - Physique
Dawn Rapaccuiolo - Physique
Rachael Pecoraro - Physique

Emery Miller - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Denise Faith - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Tana McGowan - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Janelle Arigo - WNBF Pro Bodybuilder
Tara Ebejer - IFPA Pro Bodybuilder
Theresa Ivancik - Bodybuilder

Competition Prep Guides

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Top Models

Preventing injury in female bodybuilders
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MS, LAT, ATC, CES Athletic Trainer

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IFPA Pro and NPC Figure Competitor.