Physique Competitions

Physique competitions are divided into five divisions: Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Figure competitors are judged on muscle tone, symmetry and overall presentation, but muscle mass is more downplayed than in bodybuilding. The contest is a marvelous display of poise, coordination, skin tone, elegance, personality and glamour. It is perfect for women who strive to show off their hard work in a feminine way.

More Athletes: Bikini Figure Physique Bodybuilding

Kira Hills - Bikini
Alyssa Verley - Bikini
Monica Martin - Pro Bodybuilder
Beth Williams - Bikini
Tammy Baines - PNBA Bikini Pro
Adriana Amaral - Figure
Keri Burke - WNBF Figure Pro
Alyssa Agostini - WBFF Pro
Kim Scoffins - IFBB Fitness Pro
Jade Dumont - PNBA Fitness Pro
Elizabeth Bradshaw - IFBB Pro - updated
Agata Dowding - Woman who lifts !
Debbie Banaian - Arm Wrestling

Cory Ott - IFBB Pro
Natalia Skorosz
Kevehazy Klementina
Jade Smith
Vicki Harrison
Julie Skorepova
Renee Theel-Zuyderduyn
Nina Cash - IFBB Pro
Iveth Carreon - IFBB Pro
Lee-ann Radnidge
Sabine Greilich
Shandy Ortiz - IFBB Pro
Lynn Sambuco - IFBB Pro
Joanne Holden - IFBB Pro
Julie Bonnett - WBFF Pro
Melanie Lilly - WBFF Pro
Alyx Ulbrich - WBFF Pro

Leah Sohn - IFBB Pro
Lenore Gregson - IFBB Pro
Andrea Boudreaux - IFBB Pro
Keri Ann Heitzman - IFBB Pro
Carmen Tocheniuk - IFBB Pro
Louise Scholtz
Amy Battles
Rachel Bess
Kathryn Darnell
Lauren Miller
Jennifer Palazzo - IFBB Pro
Linda Simnick - IFBB Pro

Competition Prep e-Books

Preventing injury in female bodybuilders Preventing injury in female bodybuilders
By Coby VandenBerg
MS, LAT, ATC, CES Athletic Trainer

Hamstring Guide Hamstring Guide
By Eleathia Harding,
Figure Competitor.

Back Guide Back Guide
By Morisa Conner,
NPC Physique Competitor.

Glutes Guide Glutes Guide
By Justine Albert,
IFPA Pro and NPC Figure Competitor.