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My story began in January of 2015. I wanted to put on muscle and get in better shape. My brother gave me a workout and I started putting on muscle pretty quick. Justin Rogers who is my coach and fiance now had asked me if I thought about doing bikini shows. ďI said what is that?Ē He explained everything and I started doing my own research. I decided to do a show and I hired Justin to train me. About 6 weeks in I started having hip pain, I went to an orthopedic surgeon and I had a torn my labrum in my right hip. I had always had a clicking noise in my hips for as long as I could remember. The surgeon informed me I most likely tore it a long time ago and this new training style flared it up. I decided to back out of the show and focus on physical therapy.

I DID IT!!! @j_rogers30 and I did this together. It will always be a team effort. I became a professional athlete last night and I almost lost it when they called my name for first place. I knew I could do it, but it's a subjective sport so you always have to keep an open mind. This was my FIRST national show, and my 3rd show ever. I went up against the best physiques in the Country. The most prestigious national show of the year, where I went pro. I feel so honored to have went pro at this show. I got to battle out for the overall champion amongst all the other new pros. It came down to me and another amazing athlete. Best line up they had seen in years at this national show. Everyone brought their best and only 16 girls get pro cards out of 300 plus people. Congrats to all the new pros. Today we have a photo shoot with all the 1st place IFBB Pros for the NPC magazine. I can't even put into words how happy I am. All glory to God. I have so many people to thank! That post is coming soon. @themusclequest #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #pro #teamrogers #wedidit #bikini #athlete

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I kept training, but I changed my training style to let my body heal. My senior year of college I was healed and I still had that itch to get on stage. I hopped in the Mile High in Denver, Colorado in June of 2016. I did a 7 week prep and still ended up winning my class and it came down to me and my teammate for the overall. I had just graduated college and I knew I had work to do before going to nationals. I told Justin I want to win the state title next year and I want to go to the USA Championships. I hit the ground running and gave my improvement season 200%.

I love the discipline, the motivation, and the ability to always improve. That always keeps me hungry for more. I started prep for Colorado State/Nationals in April. Prep flew by. Colorado State was here, and I had taken a year off since my first show, I was nervous, but I knew I gave it my all. I stay confident, but keep an open mind as this sport is very subjective. When they called my name as Miss Colorado, tears came down as all that hard work was shown in that moment. I was so happy and I couldnít believe it.

Then I had three weeks to bring it for nationals. It came so fast and I was so excited. I had been preparing for that show for 11 months. I was confident, but once again kept an open mind. I came out and owned the stage. I knew I belonged there. First callouts started and my heart was racing. The orders were called numerically so I was the last number called. As numbers were being called I was thinking stay calm and then boom my number was announced. I was on the end and made sure I turned in to be seen. My height class was the biggest out of everyone. So I made sure I got noticed. Immediately I was moved center stage and I felt like someone hit me. I was shaking like holy crap I am center stage is this for real? Then girls got moved around me, but I stayed put. You never know in this sport so until it happens I keep my head down and just do the work.

Finals came and I was so excited, but nervous to know the outcome. When they called my name for first place I remember thinking wait what I just went pro at my first national show and third show ever. I came out for the overall and I remember just being so happy. I was on the end and once again got moved center stage and I was just like is this for real? It was a very close call and another amazing pro ended up taking the overall. It was an honor to be that close to winning it all.

Excited to announce I am 5 weeks out from the @wingsofstrength Arizona Pro show! This will be my #prodebut I will also be hitting the @spectrumfitnessproductions Sacramento Pro October 28th! I am very excited to enter the pro circuit and will be working my ass off to make one hell of a first impression. Let's do some work! #teamrogers #ifbb #ifbbpro #bikini #fitfam

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My diet doesnít change drastically from prep mode to improvement season. I eat a lot actually during my prep. I reverse diet properly and my coach slowly introduces more calories. It can change at any point. I take progress pictures regularly and I watch how my body responds to foods. I have found that I respond well to high carb, high protein diets. I have a great metabolism and I use a lot of energy in a day. What works for me isnít going to work for the next person. Iíve never had a diet that failed my expectations. I know that if I donít eat enough my physique changes a lot. My body needs a lot of food throughout the day. I always make sure to get my meals in. It took me time to build my confidence up.

I really struggled with being secure in who I was at an early age. As I entered the fitness industry it gave me a whole new outlook on myself. I focus on what I love and my strengths. I look at my weaknesses as a challenge to get better. I find that reading my bible, looking at positive quotes, and uplifting others makes me feel amazing. This is an individual sport, but I love sharing the experiences with friends and teammates. Being on stage around so many amazing physiques, I focus only on me that day. I donít even worry about what everyone else is doing or how they look. I showed up and Iím here, so that is all that matters. My time on stage is to show my hard work the best I can.

I train every day. As a show gets closer we may implement more cardio. I lift weights daily focusing on different muscle groups each day, and do minimal cardio.

Being an athlete makes me work harder towards my goals. It makes me want to get better and be a good leader to other females that want to start competing. I am a firm believer that an athlete is on and off the field/stage. You never know who is watching. Itís important to show case the best you at all times. My goal is to keep improving and inspire others to keep getting better. I want to become a top bikini pro. I know it will take a lot of hard work, but Iím ready to make it happen.

Keepin it real! I did not wake up like this. Progress takes TIME. These are 7 weeks apart. Super proud of how I've grown into my show. I've gained some muscle while leaning out, which is great. Everyone holds fat differently. However consistency, hard work, and dedication will get you to your goals. I've got an amazing coach, but I also work my butt off doing exactly what I'm told. You can't just have a great coach. If you don't put in the work, you won't get the end result you want. It will always come down to how bad you want it. #teamrogers #transformationtuesday #fitnessmotivation #thattiein #fitgirls #inspiration #bethebestyou

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I have my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and I am also certified in nutrition. If you need help getting started towards a healthier lifestyle, I would love to help you reach your goals. My contact information is below.

Instagram: @adelle_louann

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