Alexa Berg - IFBB Bikini Pro

* Alexa won her Pro card at the 2017 NPC Junior USA's

My whole life I've played soccer at a competitive level until I was a senior and got pretty bad ankle injury that kept me from wanting to pursue it further. I modeled with Seattle talent agency for a few summers which got me really interested in embracing my athletic physique. I look back now at those pictures and realize how far I've come with bodybuilding. When I got to college, I go to Purdue University, I started wanting to take control of my physique and not let my sport define what I look like, but rather fuel me in the gym and ultimately it was the building blocks for the physique I have now. Soccer gave me the strong legs that I have now and the core strength, but I've really had to focus on upper body growth to even out the muscular composition I had my lower body.

IFBB PRO BABY!!! Placed first runner up overall at JR USA's ????????I cannot believe this feeling, I couldn't have done it without my chief leader @caseymfit who believed in me more than I did at times. I could not be more grateful for this experience, meeting dozens of amazing strong women at Jr USAs. I can't wait to see what's in store next ?? but for now, WE DRINK!!!! ???????????? . . . Thank you @cjselitesuits for this gorgeous suit I could not have made it this far without it!! I'm still so in love ?? also to @glamcompjewelry for the beautiful jewelry I was honored in wearing. They are all so beautiful!! .

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Contest Prep

Truthfully I've only ever done one prop I've been in prep for 16 weeks now, from the time I started my bodybuilding career and competed at my first show, the panhandle showdown in Pensacola Florida, to Junior USA's in Charleston South Carolina A few short weeks following panhandle. Now I am five days out from the Fort Lauderdale pro for my pro debut. I am fortunate enough to have only competed in two shows and gone pro. I look forward to seeing how my off-season will work, but for now I am fully focused on qualifying for the Olympia.

My coach Cassandra Marshall, owner a boss bodies, has helped me reach a healthy metabolic level and continued metabolic health. I am fortunate enough to have only ever worked with her, and with that I've only ever had success. I work on a meal plan, but I also understand the give-and-take with macros in case there's ever something I don't have in the house.

I do pretty minimal cardio maybe intervals for 5 to 10 minutes. Other than that I do a lot of bodyweight work focusing on the entire contraction of every muscle, and the mind muscle connection. I fully believe all my training and success is due to finally activating that mind muscle connection in the muscle groups I have never really felt before. Now I can really go to those muscles immediately without having to think about it.


I spent a lot of time working up my self-confidence, I never felt confident with my body type I didn't like how big my legs were and how that was all I could see in the mirror. But once I'm at my coach Kasie and started to build my upper body, I started to really appreciate the size I had on my way legs and on my core, I started to see a complete physique and I was really proud of the amount of work I put in to see the complete picture. Internally I didn't want to start competing until I knew I was fully happy with working out and feeling healthy and not feeling restricted. I wanted to continue to love what I did and never feel like it was a punishment. I'm so happy I waited as long as I did because I came in strong and I have never been more in love with this sport than I am now. I'm hooked :)

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On stage

Well I just came from Junior USA's where I earned my pro card, was my second show and first national show ever. I've never wanted anything so badly in my life, never I worked harder for anything in my life, never have I felt like I deserved anything more in my life. When I got to South Carolina all I was thinking about was my pro card in the possibility of me getting it. But I'm such a realist and I know it was only my second show, so it kept me from ever getting too confident or two hopeful or honestly too excited. I wanted it so badly that I kept myself from dwelling on anything I couldn't control like the judges decision. I woke up the morning of pre-judging super dry and super happy, I felt full, I felt strong, I was genuinely just happy to be there. After pre-judging in my height class - which was class G - I got first call outs in dead center and my coach said that I did pretty well. Even so, I still kept my mind super realistic. Maybe too much, but I needed to stay hungry and stay on my game. It wasn't over yet, it was only until the overall where I was splitting center with another girl, Paige Lily, and I heard my name called out second to last as the first runner up for the whole show. I got my IFBB pro card! I did what I came to do! But in my heart I knew there was so much more I had to give, that I wasn't done. It didn't even sink in until a couple days later that I was really a pro, that didn't keep me from thinking that I needed a break. I did not need a break. I'm just getting started.

I am an athlete at heart I've been an athlete my whole life, I cannot be of more happy to say that I'm a professional athlete. My younger self would be very proud right now. In terms of what I love this is my hobby my passion and my job now, maybe I should consider getting another hobby… but I plan to be involved in the fitness industry in the future after I get out of college and I'd love to write women's health articles and help women relate to every stage of dieting and working out. Women who are in power other women makes everything so powerful every environment every room. It makes the gym so much less intimidating when you got a girl gang on your arm and rooting you on. Whether it's in person or on Instagram, having someone that believes in you give you tips and pick you up on your having a bad day, nothing compares to that support.

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I'll be competing at the IFBB fort Lauderdale pro a few days and depending on how I do I might do another show following that one.

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