Amie Adcock - Figure Competitor

* Figure OVERALL winner, the 2017 NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Classic (May 13, 2017).

Experiences and feelings from the 2017 NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Classic:

It had been two years since I stepped on stage, so I was feeling nervous and excited jitters for sure! I really wanted to knock this first show out of the park. Check-in was very smooth and they made sure all the athletes knew which line to go through and tried to get us in and out as quick as possible. It was exciting to see the other competitors and that's when I really put my game face on.
Prejudging went quick! I was impressed by how smooth everything ran and how organized everything was kept. I always knew when to be ready to pump and line up, and Champion Tan was right there making sure we were all touched up and glazed in time. Nerves definitely hit while lined up offstage. Two years is a long time to be out of the game and I tried not to look at any other competitors and just focus on myself.
Finals went pretty much the same as prejudging, and when I was awarded the 1st place and overall figure trophies, I was over the moon!! Especially since I had the opportunity to take a winning photo with Ron Capodanno; the promoter and all-around super sweet man.

Figure overall winner!! ????? My first win in all my years competing and I don't even think it's really sunk in yet. I worked SO hard for this and I can 100% say I gave it my all every single day. HUGE thanks to my amazing coach @shaneheugly who was with me via text all day and who, despite living far away, I've felt has been right by my side this entire prep. To @cjselitesuits and @glamcompjewelry I'm so proud to represent you for another season and can't tell you how many compliments I received on my suit and jewelry!! @champion_spray_usa and @champion_spray_hair_and_makeup y'all are THE BOMB and really took special care of every single competitor all day. To @npcnjmidatlantic thank you all for another amazing and well-run show and how wonderfully the competitors were treated. And last but DEFINITELY not least- my posing coach @kennywallach who totally restructured my posing and presentation. ???? My belly is full of food and I'm ready for a long sleep and a killer cardio session tomorrow before celebrating mothers and stepmothers day. Then Monday it's GAME ON BABY!! #jrnats ????

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I've been following a macro-based approach for the last few years, so I pick and choose the foods I want and eat until I hit my daily protein/carb/fat/fiber goals. Sometimes I pre-plan meals when I'm busy, and other times I'll track and eat as I go. For my first two shows, I followed a typical competitor meal plan and I developed a very unhealthy relationship with food. I also realized I didn't want to be chained to a meal plan since it caused me to secretly binge and feel guilt. After switching to macros I am much more balanced with life and food and am able to get stage-lean while feeling amazing!

When it comes to training, I never go below 6-8 reps and never above 12. Every session is hard and heavy and my focus is increasing or maintaining strength as much as possible while leaning out. As a natural athlete, it's crucial to have that focus in order to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. I hit back and shoulders twice a week and other areas once. I needed to increase the size of my upper body to balance my physique and this split has been working quite well for me.

My main challenge during this and every prep is how to balance competing and life. I am sometimes in the gym multiple times a day in order to get it done around work and family. It's important to me that I not let it affect my time with friends and family, so if I can fit it in, most days I'll have all my cardio and training completed by lunchtime so I can spend the rest of the day doing other things. It's tough but I enjoy the process so I push through!

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Life as an athlete

There is definitely a challenge when trying to balance competing with life. Bodybuilding is a very selfish sport, and thus other aspects can sometimes take a back seat. But I've learned that I need to make it fit within my life- not the other way around. I also have four young step kids, so my goal is to teach them healthy habits as I go through the process, and make sure they understand that it's not good to stay so lean all the time, nor do they need to look like I do.
I've also realized I have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. From time to time I'll receive a message from someone on social media who lets me know I've been an inspiration or motivation for their own fitness journey, and that is the best news I could ever hear! It's what keeps me going when I feel stressed out.

Future plans

IFBB figure pro soon hopefully!! I'm about to enter my second try at the national level and I'm excited to see how I do this time around with a new coach/posing/physique and overall polished look. I also want to expand my online training business to life coaching others through the mental roadblocks occurred when trying to adapt healthy habits. Much of it is more mental than people realize and I've found it's crucial to have someone to help you understand your setbacks and help you overcome them.

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Amie Adcock, CPT
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