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I've been into fitness and weightlifting since 2004. After having my daughter in 2014, I decided that I wanted to compete - just to say that I did it! After my first show in June 2016, I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding and have made it my lifestyle. I can definitely see myself being part of this sport for life.

I follow an IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) style of eating - so my food doesn't change much from off-season to pre-contest, other than eating less less carbs and fats (this is highly simplified), and dropping my weekly cheat meal or two. I find this style of eating to be very effective in losing weight and building muscle - it's flexible and maintainable even when not competing.

In the off season I lift 5x per week, and do cardio at least 3x per week for 15 minutes - cardiovascular health is important. In the off season I do what I enjoy - biking, kickboxing, outdoor cardio activities. During competition prep season I lift 6 days a week and do more cardio as necessary to burn fat - my body responds very well to HIIT and Plyo-based cardio sessions. I think, every competitor has something that works for them. This is what happens to work for my body.

Confidence does not come easy to me. As someone who was overweight in high school and part of college, I've always had low self esteem. That first time on stage - I was definitely not very confident. Over the last year, however, I've worked with an amazing posing coach, and my coach to help build but confidence and poise on stage.

My most recent show was amazing - I felt ready going into it, more than any other show I've ever competed it. It was my 5th show. There was just something different about this one - I knew I was bringing my best package ever - if you've ever competed, you know that feeling, where you are just READY. I will never forget the feeling during pre-judging when the judges moved me to the middle of the stage. I wanted to cry tears of happiness knowing that my hard work had paid off. I ended up winning first in my open class in that show, becoming nationally qualified for the second time. I cannot wait for 2018, and seeing the improvements I am making this off season.

Being an athlete has changed my priorities. Training and eating properly have been important to me for the last 13 years - but since becoming a competitor - I've given up some things in order to be always bettering my physique. I no longer drink alcohol (this is a personal choice, it wouldn't kill me to have a little in the off season), I have also changed how i cook for my family to allow for easier tracking of my macronutrients without having to make separate meals for my family and myself.

My future plans are to compete in my first national level shows next summer (2018), and my ultimate goal is to be a bikini pro. I also am currently getting into the world of fitness modeling, and I'm so excited for what the future holds. I am also working on growing my personal training business - I'm an online trainer and nutrition coach. The plan is to just continue to grow and change and improve upon myself!

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