Ashley Shields - Bikini Competitor

It started in 2015 when I first competed found a coach that was local and had some experience in training bikini competitors we did the macro system with some high carb days, I did a very long prep was addicted to competing and having a lean physique, I prepped for about 7 months it mentally and physically broke me down where I would be very emotional about certain situations and especially food I would get angry if someone ate something bad in front of me this mainly happened at the last 2 months. I learned a lot about myself during that time, when I came off prep I developed some health issues a damaged metabolism and now diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I felt my previous coach could of guided me better during prep and with reverse dieting I believe we could of avoided a lot of this.

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The main thing that changes in the my diet when in prep is less carbs, my body doesn't do well on moderate to high carbs due to hypothyroidism, so my go to is moderate protein, low carb, and high fat, this has been very effective for me for this prep. Competition diet that has failed for me is macros or iifym too much variety my body does not do well and again it was a balance of protein and carbs and lower fat.

Weight lifting 6 days a week with hiit cardio 15min per weights and 20min post weights, and on the 7th day I just do moderate cardio for 1hr. How do I balance training and diet, it's actually very easy for me, it's a priority of mine so I usually plan my day out to make sure it works. No excuses!

Haha how did I build self confidence to go on stage- that's why I did do it to get over my fear in being in front of people and to get confidence and it worked, it doesn't even phase me now to get up in front of people. So you can say it worked.

Show experience is fun, make sure you have everything organized before the show at least 1 month ahead of time, and it will go smoothly, it's a overwhelming but fun, exciting process and you learn a lot about yourself and you make new friends in the process.

Now it's 2017 I learned from my mistakes and got a new coach this prep experience is so much better my coach physically tells me what to eat and how to train changing it up every 3-4 weeks my body has responded great and I'm physically and mentally stable and happy person, I could care less if people around me eat something bad I feel so much better this time around I also get scheduled cheat meals which I believed has helped me a lot with this process. I do run into events that I get invited to and I do decline because for me it's just mentally better that way, I do feel guilty but this is a selfish sport and I knew this going into it. But safe to say my hypothyroidism is stable and my metabolism is working better than ever since I gained new knowledge and a new trainer. This time around I really enjoy the show day and don't wish it to be over already.

My last show this year is September 23rd, then after that get a stable attainable physique with proper reverse dieting coach and work on my fitness goals and my personal training career and knowledge. I plan to take a long break (years) from competing and enjoy life. I conquered my goal of competing and that's good enough for me.

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Only thing I say being a athlete affected my life is a lot of people look up to you as a role model so you feel you have to hold up a certain image, example physique, what you eat..., but also has helped with my own motivation and goals.

Future plans- like any competitor/fitness athlete love to be working or sponsored by a fitness company, or even picked up as a fitness model. But for now hopefully to grow my personal training clientele and the company epicspreads I help with.


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