Caitlin Corcoran - Bikini Competitor

* Overall Bikini winner, 2017 NPC Viking Championships

Caitlin: I made the decision to compete after losing 20 lbs and going from 30% bf to 17% at a fit camp in 6 weeks. I transformed my body from unhealthy to healthy. During this time I reversed my fatty liver disease I had. I was blown away at the progress I had achieved on my own and wanted to take it to the next level. I contacted my coach Shane Heugly and after multiple attempts on my end, he took me on as a client!

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The Viking Championships was my first competition. I will be reverse dieting and carb cycling during my off season. I have found high protein and little carbohydrate intake to be the most effective. I eat 6 meals per day and consume chicken and spinach. When I have carbohydrates I eat oats with stevia! I stick to real food and try not to consume protein bars and powders. I have only done one method for completion prep. I have found the meal plan option to be effective as I am used to eating this way.

For cardio, I do 1 hour per day with 20 minutes of that hour of sprints. I find this to burn body fat and reveal my muscle underneath. I mostly do my cardio outdoors. I love doing my sprints on the stair master and sometimes I do my 40 minutes of moderate pace on the treadmill on an incline.

Honestly, I did not feel nervous once I hit the stage. I felt nervous the entire prep however as I did not know what to expect on stage. This motivated me to give my 110% each and everyday. I did not feel nervous when show day came because I knew I had literally gave it my all, day in and day out. I wanted to show the judges my hard work and dedication.

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My experience has been positive from start to finish. My posing coach Tiffany Heugly truly ensured I was polished and my posing was on point. We revised my posing routine 2 days out from the show and I practiced for hours in front of the mirror and eventually got it. It was a bit stressful at first but I knew with Tiffanys help I would make it happen!
Prejudging was great as well! Standing on stage next to beautiful female athletes was incredibly empowering and almost euphoric. I have never felt so happy in my life. Finals I felt incredibly pumped to do my models. I literally could not wait to get on stage. It was amazing. Standing on stage holding my first place awards at my first competition next to the coaches who changed my life was a powerful experience for me. Believe me when I say I have never won anything in my life up until that moment.

Life as an athlete: Everything revolves around my fitness. I quit drinking and have been sober for 10 months. I no longer surround myself around people who do not share the same life style as me. I realized my passionate energy and interests has attracted better people in my life. Fitness has changed me and my perspective on everything. I now put myself first and I am a stronger human being over all. I wake up everyday with passion and vigor. I love being alive.

My future plan is to go to pro at nationals and eventually on to Olympia. I am attending college for a bachelors of Kinesiology. My passion for bodybuilding has fueled me to do well in school. I apply much of what I have learned in bodybuilding to school.

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