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A new IFBB Pro, Masters Nationals, July 2017

We are all one phone call away from tragedy or life changing news, I started getting healthy at age 42 after finding out my Mom had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. ďGet yourself checked out,Ē my Mom told me... and sure enough I found that genetically, I have a 1 in 4 chance of getting cancer. Yikes! That got my butt in gear real quick! Prevention is always better than cure my mother always said. At the time my husbandís brother had died of a sudden heart attack. So we decided to get fit together.

In the gym we met so many nice people and it led me to inquire about competing some day. But could I? I said to myself, ďYouíre too old now, and you have a big, weird scar on your thigh where a horse kicked you!Ē So many questions. But I soon found out that there are many my age and even older who compete, and that inspired me to go for it! Why not? And so the training began...

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I soon found out that nutrition is key! You have to eat to build, but also to speed up your metabolism. Boy, I had no idea how important this was beforehand, it truly is 80% diet! If not more than that. So off season I take in more carbs with my 5 meals a day, and more fat as well. When Iím on prep, I add more cardio, & less carbs in my afternoon meals. Real food is better, shakes have their place, but we benefit so much more from the food God made, not the food man made.

I do fasted cardio when in prep, about 40 minutes a day or so 6/7 days a week. Then later in the day I hit the weights for about an hour a day. I train glutes hard 3x times a week, but in between those days I do one glute exercise to stimulate those muscles.

As a kid my mom would say this a lot, ďOh Clare, stop showing off!Ē Lol! So Iíve never been shy in front of others, and I also showed horses for most of my life as well. So at least I donít have to worry about a terrified, 1,000 pound animal trying to buck me off in front of God and everybody. Haha

At Masters Nationals in Pittsburg, PA I finally got into that elusive Top 5 placing 2nd! But the beautiful athlete who won the class had already won her pro card in a previous class so as the runner up I won my IFBB Pro Card! To say I was excited is an understatement, I was crying like a little girl is more like it. Lol! Having my supportive husband there with me made this complete, and Iím so grateful to him as well as all of our coaches.

Comin out of the closet. Lol... don't mind the trash can. ??Last Friday's check in pics with my coaches. Almost there, 7 days out, & tightening up as we head into peak week for Masters Nationals. ?? so excited to represent @agingevolution. ?? Bikini: @srevengebikini ?? Protein built with @smoothiebarandmore ?? #mastersnationals #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #fitfam #fitspo #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #extremeironprogym #agingevolution #redhead

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This big National show was so well run, from the check ins to the venue, to show day, it was an awesome experience. Iíd recommend it to anyone, what a blast we had!

Being a competitor, I live the lifestyle every day. I stay on my meal plan & lifting program. Thereís really only two things that I donít do much anymore. I donít drink hardly at all now since itís empty calories, and a muscle growth inhibitor. I also donít go out to dinner very often because any added sodium or meat that could have unnatural ingredients can affect me in negative ways. Like most women, I canít stand being bloated or feeling too fluffy. Even on off season I still like to keep some curves.

I really enjoy working as a fitness model, & have shot with two bikini companies as well as TV spots sometimes for fitness companies.

Future plans for me are to compete as a Pro probably next year. For now, itís off season for me and time to build more in places.

Clare Morrow IFBB Pro, wow that last part still so surreal, & definitely a dream come true.

1st call outs again! ?????? OMG, I'm so excited!!! Then they moved me closer to the middle and dismissed three of us so we will see what happens at finals. ???? #agingevolution #sweetrevengebikinis #extremeironprogym #fitness #bodybuilding #npcbikini #mastersnationals

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