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I started competing a little over 2 years ago. I hired my coach to keep my weight down for MMA. So that I didn't have to cut it the day of weigh ins. I had no intentions on competing, in the beginning. When my body fat got to a certain % my coach asked me if I would/wanted to do a show. I figured that this would be challenging and interesting and something that I hadn't done before. Besides my past involved going out a lot, drinking, eating terrible food, etc. I was ready for a change and definitely needed a life changing event or experience. I was ready for my life to be different. I needed it to be.

My diet for my second year of prep was completely different from my first year. Off season I pretty much eat the same thing, I just carb cycle to keep my weight low. The most effective diet for my body would be Keto with a carb up or cheat meal once a week. My body responds well and moves faster on no carbs. No diet has ever really failed per say. It's all about trial and error and what works best for your body type. I have tried high fat diets and high carb diets and non of either.

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Currently and for this last show I do 90 mins of fasted cardio. (Which includes a 30 second hitt to start and a 30 second hitt every 5 minutes.) I eat 2 meals and then I lift in the afternoon or at night when I get off of work. I also do a post workout cardio Hitt for 20 mins. Same as above. My meals just fall within the timed hours of my eating schedule. Which is every 2.5/3 hours. I do not currently do pre or post workout shakes or supplements.

I really had to build up my self esteem to get on stage. I'm not that girlie, so being in heels and suit that is pretty small, bending over was not exactly "me". Especially coming from my tomboy MMA background. I have been a gymnast, in sports, and a bartender/server my whole life. So being "on stage" or in front of people has never been an issue or a concern.

Stage experiences: Winter Classic was December 3, 2016 in Ft. Lauderdale. I wanted to place in the top 5, and I got 4th. I was so happy. However that didn't qualify me for a national level show. I knew what I needed to work on. This year I did the Tampa pro where I placed 4th in over 30 and top 10 in my class. I was not happy with this outcome and knew I needed to push just a little bit harder. Three weeks later I did the Greater Naples Classic, here in my home town. I busted my butt to bring my best package to date. I ended up taking first in my class and 6th in over 30. I did it, I qualified for Nationals. I know what I need to bring to the stage next year for nationals.

Being an athlete affects my WHOLE LIFE. My boyfriend meal preps and lifts with me as well. He motivates me to be better. We are always helping each other and motivating each other. I don't really remember how not to eat healthy or no read labels anymore. It was become a lifestyle not a "prep".

Future plans: Now that I have qualified for nationals I plan on doing a national show early next year. I will do a quick warm up show prior to nationals first tho. I plan on staying lean and building as much muscle as possible so that I can possibly shoot for my pro card. I have 3 friends that just took the national stage, I know that it is not going to be easy and I will do all I can to bring the best "me" that I can. It is not ME VS them it's always been and always will be ME VS ME.

This sport needs to be fun, when it becomes hard work or complicated, or becomes unfun, STOP. This process is fun and the people you meet and the experiences you gain along the way only help you learn from all that you experience while on prep.

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Crystal Rammage, personal trainer, Naples Fl.
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