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I joined a local bodybuilding team after lifting for about a year on my own and seeing very good results. I wanted to push and take my joy of resistance training and turn it into something competitive!

My diet is minimally processed whole foods with a touch of flexible dieting to enjoy treats I enjoy most (snickerdoodle flavored anythhhinngg!) and date nights out with my husband 1-2 times per week. For pre-contest, my foods stay the same but calories slightly decrease while cardio increases. The focus is placed on nutrient dense foods and treats/meals out are phased out about a month out from my contest to ensure I bring my very best physique.
Failed diets: Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame!! My previous preps prior to North Americans prevented me from looking and feeling my best because my caloric intake was entirely too low for my activity level.

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My training program is a mix of all 3 year round. My calories increase to maintenance or slight surplus to support my hard training sessions during my improvement season and then drop slightly throughout the course of my prep, resulting in the body fat loss/conditioning needed for the stage.

Growing up I competed in horse shows where I was scored and judged on my individual performance so that has definitely helped! Being on stage and knowing your every square inch is being analyzed is tough- but before I go on stage I do a lot of self talk and reflect on the months and months of preparation it took to arrive at that moment. It feels like a celebration of all that hard work and that pushes me out onto the stage with confidence and joy!

North Americans was by far my best prep and show experience to date. I felt so calm during check-ins, prejudging, and finals knowing I did everything I could under the direction of my coach to bring my most conditioned physique. My worth does not lie in my placing and that allows me to be at peace with any outcome. If I take care of my health and continue to train hard, I know I will eventually compete as a pro one day!

Being an athlete: It has helped me to develop discipline, patience (LOTS OF PATIENCE! haha), and the ability to see a long term goal all the way through. Goals that can't be reached quickly have always tested my faith and confidence. I've found the best way to reach a long term goal (not just physique competitions--this can apply to so many things) is to stop looking so far ahead and that specific long term goal. Break down the goal into those daily action steps that MUST take place for you to reach that goal. You are now looking at your most important goals once you do that. Those are the goals and actions you must master. Looking too far ahead and fixating on that desired final outcome has overwhelmed me in the past. Once I stopped thinking so far ahead and focused on those daily action steps, my focus was crystal clear!

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Future plans- Nationals next year for another shot at my pro card. :)

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