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I started competing when I was 17 years old at a bikini competition called Ms. Galaxy. Unique to this challenge, it included a military based obstacle course. I was the youngest girl in the competition and was ultimately chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful women. It was an honor and I loved everything about it, and little did I know it marks the beginning for me as a fitness/bodybuilding athlete.

After that I trialed several Hot Rod super-national bikini competitions and went to finals in all of them. They were fun experiences, but overall I could tell that I did not fit the stereotypical profile they were looking for: tall, blonde, big busted, and ironically not fit, by my standards anyway. So I developed in other areas of my life, until timing was right in 2007, when I competed in women’s figure and became hooked on the sport and discipline after placing 4th in Cleveland Natural Ohio and 2nd in the Cincinnati Natural Championship. In 2010 I had my first baby, but got right back on the competition stage in 2012, placing 8th in my first showing. I kept my diet and regimen on for a consecutive show at the Kentucky Muscle and took 2nd.

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After having my second son in 2013, I hit my training and diet to take yet another 2nd place at the 2015 Natural Ohio Women’s Bikini. Still trying to compete against myself to be better, I put national qualifications on my goals list. I pushed through until I finally achieved 1st overall Women’s Bikini in my height class at the 2015 Cincinnati Natural Championship and then got a triple crown at 2015 Kentucky Derby, taking 1st in my open height class, 1st in women’s overall novice, and 1st in my Masters class. I went on to the Pittsburgh Nationals and held my head high as I came in 11th.

Staying true to the pattern, I now have a 3rd child, as we have a daughter born in 2016, but with the support of my entire family, I'm heading into spring 2018 competition with the Arnold Amateur to be first show of the season. I love to compete and I have always been outgoing. I am competitive and disciplined, and I look forward to the spotlight when I am posing on stage to showcase my dedication and physical achievements.

Chicken, eggs, vegetables, and no salt is always on my menu as I eat clean for the most part. By far, the most effective for me is the old-school training: lots of cardio at prep and carb cycling when needed! I have strong mental dedication and I listen to myself, ignore temptations because they don’t get a vote, and I follow my coach’s criticism and advice. What's that term used? Oh yeah, "suck it up buttercup".

My Failed diet: Taking water out and completely drying out is not effective and not healthy at all, I know because in 2007 I couldn’t even walk to the stage without potassium load! For my 2015 prep, I was healthy with lots of energy going into competition and had water all the way thru, feeling the best shape of my life, but this year I will beat that girl that I was in 2015.

I do 1 hour of fasted cardio at 430 am 6-7 days per week. This can adjust under my coach’s instruction based on my body fat, energy level, and calorie intake. The one hour is mostly stair stepper, HIIT, and some LISS. My weight training through the week is as follows: I lift glutes 3x a week, legs 2x, shoulders 2x, back 2x, and chest and arms 1x to build those caps.

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Life as an extreme fitness athlete: Well it doesn't really impact my life much be because I have always been a healthy eater. I'd say social gatherings it effects sometimes, but once I set my mind to it I just do it. My husband and children are very supportive. Overall it is a positive impact for me, as I feel in my comfort zone and can set stretching goals for myself. The road to the stage for all competitions is different every time, and the personal satisfaction is always there in the end, as I achieve things that I didn’t even believe in the beginning.

I am actively working on my model portfolio this year, with Ethan D Morgan as my manager in modeling. he is amazing at what he does, so look for shots from him, Model Ikon Photography, and Ethan Model Photography capturing my finer moments.

I will be competing in bikini class 35 and over on March 1, 2018 at the Arnold classic Amateur and fulfilling one of my many dreams and goals in life to get up on that specific stage. So I'm heading into beast mode soon, but I always hope to bring the beauty with the beast along the way!

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