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I have been in and out of the bodybuilding world since I was 19 but I was too scared to compete back then. I re-discovered my love for BB shortly after I turned 40. Started training seriously for shows back in November 2010 and never looked back.

During pre-contest and offseason, I pretty much use IIFYMs approach. Calorie intake is higher during offseason and I cut back when Iím in prep mode where I cycle starchy carb sources or eliminate them for a time with a refeed depending on where my physique is and how many weeks left before show day. I travel for my job however I do train between 4-6 days a week. Of those 4-6 days, Iím training with my coach two or three days a week and we tend to weight train with intensity whether itís with medium or heavy weight loads. Iím not above doing two a days and that happens more often as the weeks dwindle down to peak week. I train medium to heavy regardless whether Iím in pre or offseason. My cardio is either HIIT, putting on layers of clothing and getting on the stairclimber or a treadmill with maximum elevation, Outside work such as stadium bleachers, sprint drills, or a 3 to 5 mile run at a park of my choice.

As I stated above I was too scared to compete back in my late teen to early 20s. I didnít feel I had enough discipline or confidence to be onstage. To me, the self-confidence to be onstage has to be there long before you step on it or else whatís the point of competing. I gained that confidence because I promised myself shortly after turning 40 to refuse to waste precious time asking myself, ďWhat if?Ē When my time is up, there will be no regrets about what I didnít do in terms of purpose or goals!

I recently earned my IFBB Figure Pro Card at Masters Nationals in July of this year! The experience is definitely one Iíll never forget because I enjoyed every moment. I checked in early Tuesday night and went into the ballroom while they were still preparing it for the show. I looked at the stage and visualized how smooth and dynamic I wanted to be come showtime. It really helped me lock in. I was determined to leave Pittsburgh an IFBB Pro. I can honestly say that I had fun during prejudging, finals (of course), and most of all when it was my turn to go on for the first time because it was my best presentation to date!

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Being a bodybuilder suits me. It enhanced my focus, further built my confidence and deepen my comfort in my own skin. I do have my eye on doing a pro show before the year is out but I will announce it once I am signed, sealed and delivered contract wise. For now, Iíll keep pushing and you do the same!

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