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I have always been a successful sportswoman in various sports in my youth. I was raised to lead a healthy lifestyle and know that the bodies we have need to be looked after. Maintaining health is easier than trying to regain health. Since I had a baby, Isabella, who is now 15 months, training for sports became very difficult. As your time doesn’t belong to you, you have to make the time to train and be committed to a goal. Having a baby and having had an active pregnancy, I needed to feel better about myself and give something to me. after all you can’t pour from an empty cup. My cup gets filled by being active. I met my coach Jack Lotter, who guided me on a training programme suitable and sustainable for me. One thing lead to the next and by having a goal to work towards (a show), focus and determination is inevitable. I had a successful modelling career in my youth, so being on stage wasn’t too stressful. My coach who is a WBFF Pro, is incredibly inspiring and following his path seemed inevitable.

I am a new WBFF Pro!!!! I Won MOST Commercial model, MOST Photogenic and got MY PRO card in my Bikini Line up. What an AMAZING and PRESTIGIOUS organization to be apart of! Huge thank you to the @wbff_official family for being so welcoming and supportive and for hosting such a spectacular and glamorous show! My husband @drmarkplasticsurgeon for all the support and encouragement- we did this together and we both came out alive! Coached by: @jackthesheriff Fueled by: @ssnonline #ssn Massive shout out to @carlaking for all her help with stage presence and working on my Diva back home. Thank you @audrey_kaipio for tightening my routine and making me walk the walk! Very excited to compete in South Africa in March @wbffsouthafrica!!!!! ????????

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When I started to focus on competing, I am very new to the sport, I decided to enter Beach Bikini/ bikini divisions as this is where I feel most comfortable (on and off season). I can maintain a lean physique all round and then when competition prep begins it's about tweaking certain calories and adjusting training programmes. The most change I have seen is with following an amino pulsing protocol, whereby macro and micro nutrients are staggered throughout the day and varies daily. Our bodies are so clever at picking up routine, so shuffling things up really helps see major change. My muscle has definitely become leaner, stronger and I have more energy. With this, training days vary and training twice a day on certain days is a must. But then you have a few more “off” days, where your muscles have time to recoup.

For me personally, training once a day and having one day off a week did not create major change in my body. Having the same diet daily also becomes monotonous and boring. I feel with any training or diet, having something to “look forward to” or know that tomorrows diet is different is what I believe is effective, sometimes it's more of a mental game than a physical one.

Off season, I normally train twice a day three days a week, and then one long weight session normally only on a Monday which may be legs. On the other days I start with fasted cardio first thing in the morning and then weight training later in the day. On season, I normally drop the cardio and increase strength training to two sessions a day, and before my second weight session I do HIIT.

@wbff_official... I am coming for you... super excited for tonight and my debut on the World stage. Fueled by #ssn #scientificsportsnutrition and coached by @jackthesheriff #wbffworlds #wbfflondon #amateurbikini #wbffbikini #glutes #iamcomingforyou #fitnessmodel #amateurdivabikini

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I have a background in modelling, so being in front of a camera or audience is something I am used to. However it is TOTALLY different, with regards to stage presence and posing. In the fitness industry it's all about showing YOUR best assets and in modelling it's about the garment (mostly). So the mindset shift of “it's about the clothes” to “it's ALL about me” is daunting. But believing that you have done the best that you could have done and at that moment on stage is everything you have cultivated, you need to have fun and enjoy it.

Latest show was the WBFF LONDON Worlds, I was very nervous leading up to this show as it would be my biggest to date. We were going to go with a big group of people, but as the weeks went by, people pulled out. So, competing overseas in a “foreign” country, not knowing who the athletes would be I would be competing with was very daunting. But either easy, despite the results, I knew I would learn a great deal and cultivate the knowledge into any other future shows. The results exceeded my expectations, I really did work tremendously hard leading up to the show. Winning most Photographic and Most commercial athlete as well as getting my Pro Card in my Bikini Line up was phenomenal. I am more motivated than ever to compete against Pros now and up my game. I really found the flow of this show so well organised and very prestigious. I really felt like I was a part of something really special.

Being an athlete IS my life, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. My family and my upbringing has been surrounded with health and fitness that being anything else almost seems impossible. Having focus, feeling healthy and fit is everything.

I will be competing at the PRO/AM in Cape town in March. But before then I am going to be qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Life coach and Nutritionist.

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