Jennifer Johnson - Bikini Athlete

Jennifer: I was the girl who was terrified of a bathing suit. I loved summer but was never confident. I was the girl wearing shorts & t-shirts to the pool or beach. I had finally had enough of feeling that way. I knew in order to ever step out I had to face my fear dead smack center so of course I chose to compete in a bikini competition in Florida 2010. No turning back from that point. I was going to make my dream body!!!

Off & On are now pretty much the same with the exception that I allow 2 cheat meals a week during off season. Eating clean means more to me than just competing so I've learned to embrace & love the lifestyle. I've tried several plans & have worked with several coaches. My best physique has come through eating a solid 6/7 meals a day. Cycling carbs, heavy protein, & proper supplementation. I believe every body works differently so it's important to make adjustments constantly. I feel good all the way to show time then I get a little omg can we eat a cupcake now? ;)

Failed diet - The starvation diet under 1000 calories worked but physically had me non-functional. This is not okay if you have a life. Hopefully you do. So if your having to starve to get on stage you need more time to contest prepare. I will never do that again. EAT!!!!

Also if you work with a coach who sends you a meal plan that everyone is on... Switch ASAP!! There is no perfect plan for anyone. You need someone who will give you time & attention & constantly change things up to help you meet your goals. I'm avoiding naming professional names here but you know who you are.

I take a mixture of so many supplements. My favorite product is Herbalife's aminogen. It's a protease that helps the body break down protein which creates bloatness in the stomach. Abs in a bottle is my nick name for it! It's a must have!!

I love love love Herbalife 24 rebuild strength as my pre & post workout. It's the only protein I've ever found that actually taste like heaven but is healthy for you & not just whey isolate which sux. It has your bcaa's & casein mixed in & is pure genius. My strength increases measurably every week!! Heck yes!!

I'm also a big fan of Xtend by scivation. I drink this 3x a day. I have a big bubble butt & you will notice when dropping body fat the body starts munching away at it & you wake up & say hey what's happening where did my butt go? This is my butaY in a bottle. It allows me to keep what I work my ass off for haha.

I used to train only plyometrics & crossfit. But then I fell in love with making gains to my body. This for me comes with heavy weight I've learned. I now train 4 to 5 sets of one exercise before I move to the next. It's mediating. My brain isn't go go go anymore it's now relaxed & focused on my vision as I train hard.

Diet is simply a part of anyone's day. I however always have my meals to avoid cravings & making bad choices. I prepare & stick to the same diet all week before I change it. I eat as soon as I wake & about every 2-3 hours always listening to my body & not a timer on when to eat. I always eat an hour before I train & immediately after I train. My last meal is right before I crawl in bed. That's right you can eat after 7pm :)

Future plans: I'm still pushing for a pro card baby. I have 2 shows lined up in May & another in June to qualify for Nationals @ USA in Vegas in July 2014. If this plan derails me I will continue to represent fitness & it's many forms through modeling a healthy lifestyle for all my fans & clients and will set new goals accordingly.

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