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Jocelyn: I have been interested in competing as long as I have been interested in fitness, roughly 10 years, (Yeesh, has it been that long already?!) but I never had the time to devote to it. Prior to starting my business as a personal trainer I served 10 years in the US Air Force and was often deployed or traveling out of town for training. That sort of schedule generally isn't conducive to a competition schedule, especially not for the first time, so I always wrote it off as something that OTHER people did, not me.

Once I separated from the military and moved to Colorado I decided that there was no time like the present and just decided one day to do it! I had gotten more into CrossFit, and even though I am a personal trainer and nutritionist, my body wasn't reflecting my knowledge. I was gaining muscle in areas that I didn't necessarily want, and focusing on eating for strength wasn't leaving me with the tight physique that I really admire.

So, I jumped right into competing! I started working with a well-respected coach about 20 weeks out from my chosen show in order to give myself enough time to prepare for it. My results were pretty incredible, and the process was actually very enjoyable. I loved watching my body change, and having such a supportive and encouraging coach made it easy to stick to.

Diet: In the weeks leading up to a show, like most competitors, my diet gets a bit tighter. At the time I am writing this, my next competition is 21 weeks away so things are a bit looser and my calories are higher, though they vary.
Generally speaking as I get closer to a show my carbohydrates and calories decrease as needed, with the occasional carbohydrate refeed thrown in depending on how my progress looks. An example of that might be something such as;
Normal Day - 1350 calories (45% protein, 30% fat, 25% carb)
Refeed Day - 2200 calories (35% protein, 10% fat, 55% carb)

The specifics of my calories really depend on where my body is at any given point in time, and therefore my diet is reconsidered by my coach each week when I check in with him. (Yes, even coaches need coaches!). Some times it changes and other times it does not, but it is important to be able to adjust in order to keep progressing.

As far as my actual meals are concerned, I prefer to eat multiple meals per day (5-6) and concentrate my carbohydrates around my workouts. A sample day for me right now might be something like this;

Meal 1: 1 egg and 4 egg whites, mixed veggies (zucchini, tomato, mushroom)
Meal 2: Greek yogurt with almond butter, berries
Meal 3: Mixed salad, ground turkey breast, salsa, avocado
Meal 4: Whey protein, banana (Post-work out meal)
Meal 5: Chicken breast, broccoli, sweet potato, low-sugar ketchup
Meal 6: Lean beef/elk/antelope, asparagus, coconut oil

I also supplement my diet with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), fish oil, a good multivitamin, apple cider vinegar, a probiotic, and digestive enzymes.

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do so often times I make up recipes for healthier versions of sweets and some pretty creative meals in order to keep things interesting.

In the past I had tried working with a different coach, and unfortunately their philosophies weren't in line with my own when it came to training and nutrition. I believe that just about any reasonable plan can work, but only if you can adhere to it. For me, long drawn out cardio sessions, boring and bland meals, and cookie-cutter workouts (or diets for that matter) do not work. I need to be able to have a bit of freedom (with my diet) in order to keep at it.

Supplements: Believe it or not, a good probiotic really has given me some amazing results! If I run out of it for a few days I can IMMEDIATELY feel a difference in my digestion. I take my probiotic with some apple cider vinegar (mixed into water) first thing upon waking. I am also taking a new supplement that I absolutely love, called Liporidex (and no, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way, just a big fan!). It helps me with my appetite during the day, and their PM formula has really been crushing those nighttime cravings and helping me sleep better.

My training program changes every 10 weeks on average, and focuses on the areas that I need to work on the most at any given time. Right now that focus is on my hamstrings, glutes and shoulders, predominantly. I lift weights 6 times per week and do a few sessions of HIIT cardio, but the number of sessions and length of time changes based on how my body is responding.

My diet and training go hand in hand; my diet is set up around my workouts in order to maximize the effectiveness of my training. When you are trying to get to competition levels of leanness, those little details such as nutrient timing really come into play!

I am fortunate enough to have a good deal of time to cook and prepare my meals, but occasionally I find myself traveling or unable to eat a planned meal, and in those situations I will grab a Quest bar to tide me over until I can get another meal in my face.

Future plans: I placed very well at my last competition and qualified to compete at the national level, but for the time being I am working to improve on a few areas before my next local level show in May 2015. My coach and I are focusing on gaining a bit of muscle in my glutes and hamstrings, and getting just a tad leaner in order to showcase all of that new muscle!
From there, I am also planning to compete in July at another national qualifying competition, and then perhaps choose a national show to participate in.

In the meantime I am a full time student (massage therapy with an emphasis on sports massage) and I run my own online training business, JS Fitness Solutions.
I can be reached for online training and nutrition services through my website; or my business page on Facebook.
For modeling or other professional opportunities I can be reached via email;

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Jocelyn Shaw

Jocelyn Shaw