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Everyone has their story. I assume mine probably will not be as different from others but the common ground is we all took a step to make it happen. My level of inquisitiveness is what got me started. I've always wanted a better version of me. Although, I had admired all kinds of physique, I was more inclined to having an appearance of strong muscular figure but yet feminine at the same time. No clue or no idea how I was going to achieve it but I loved a challenge!

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I tried to stay in shape after every pregnancy with my 3 children. I did DVD home exercises, had a few share of 5k & 10k marathons but it wasn't the look I wanted to achieve. I wasn't satisfied. It wasn't until 2014 that I gained insight from other experienced people who I considered as my mentors before setting foot onstage & applied what I learned. After utilizing that knowledge, I was hooked with the lifestyle & competition. I love every bit of it!

Diet definitely is a huge factor during off season & pre contest. Constant progress photos were sent to my Coach to determine what & how much nutrition I require. The 3 years I have been training, my the diet approach varies. I have tried low, medium & high carbs. I prefer to eat clean mostly & do a refeed maybe 1-2x a week. I pretty much rely on an expert nutrition Coach when it comes to diet. It's great to have that extra pair of eyes & not have to second guess yourself.
A diet plan that's based on macros is not as effective for me. I have to know specifically what I can eat & portion. I stuck with the basic food groups: carbs, protein & healthy fats. Also, lots of veggies.

Training program for off season & competition season are pretty much the same. The only thing varying is the cardio sessions. I lift 5x a week on & off season which is typical. I do not do as much cardio or none during off season. During prep, cardio is at least once a day. Diet is adjusted according to my progress.

Having the self confidence on stage is still something I quite have not mastered yet. I always have the butterflies. They say that if you practiced a lot, then it will help conquer those feelings of anxiety. So before I go on stage I give myself a little pep talk just to boost my self confidence & block out everything. It seems to help.

??My heart is so full from all your warm wishes & support! It was definitely quite an achievement thus far & feel very blessed! I couldn't have done all these without my family's unconditional love & support. To all my friends & followers, y'all have been awesome & amazing people! ?? Thank you! ?? ??Announcing this past weekend at the 2017 NPC UNIVERSE, my goal and dream came true! ??1 st place Figure, Open division, class A ??I am officially an IFBB PRO FIGURE ? Still trying to process the events this weekend that was a culmination of which started as a dream and the closer I got to it, became my goal..IFBB Pro Figure! I remember starting out just wanting to be more healthy and look better but as I progressed, I wanted more...I saw the women that were regulars at the gym that were in comp mode in one form or another and said to myself, I can do with the right guidance, plan and mentor, I dove in and put my energy to bettering myself and started shooting for some goals. There were many days when I doubted and had my ups and downs....but the one thing remained constant...I kept going and kept training- consistent day in & day out. After a couple of shows, and not go well as I had wanted or expected....I DID NOT quit, every event was a learning process. I can honestly say that for this show I put in 100% effort, had my plan and stuck to it, unwithering. One of my highlights of this competition prep was I got to have a cheat meal 2 weeks out since it was my 39th birthday and had sushi and yogurt with my kiddos to celebrate! ?????? This definitely has been one of my great experience in my life, with even MORE to come...???? #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #figurecompetitor #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #ifbb #ifbbpro #athlete #quarterturns #npcnationals #npcuniverse #npcuniverse2017 #procard #discipline #determination #focus #girlboss #hustle #inspire #muscle #process #quads #veins #lean #strength #strong #trainsmart #blessed #teamstarnes #starneseffect

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My recent show was definitely an unforgettable one. I know deep down that I gave it my all 100% & more. Enjoyed every min of it even though there were some days that were harder than others but I pushed through. I kept a positive thought & kept in mind it will be worth it. I learned to never have any expectations coming into a show. I can only control the steps that I took to get to the final destination. I know that during judging time, it is up to me to either shy down or stand out. I believe in fighting for what I worked hard for & I made sure that all eyes were on me! I did just that. I did not care about my age, height or my imperfections. I showed up & presented what I was made of. I was proud of what I was able to accomplish & felt a lot more confident this time around.

When finals came around, I really had no idea or clue how placing was going to be for me. All I knew was I was at least on top 5. The announcement came so fast & I don't think I had the time to even realize that it was happening. It had not sunk in that I had won my class & turned Professional. Everything was happening quickly & so surreal. I was up against some amazing ladies who worked their hardest as well. Overall, it was definitely a very humbling experience.

Life as an athlete: I was never an athlete my whole life. Due to some other circumstances I never knew what my actual potential was only until a few years ago. I was introduced to world of fitness. I must say since then it really shaped & helped me build the person that I was always meant to be. Being an athlete has really tested me in all aspects of my well-being both physically & mentally. Other than it was able to help me reach my potential & my personal goals, I have made a positive impact as well on others who are striving for the same goals.

I plan to make my Pro debut in the near future. In the meantime, I am focusing on improving & growth. I will still continue to lift, learn & love.


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