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In the beginning of my fitness journey I never would have pictured myself competing. Before I got into bodybuilding I was mostly a runner. I started lifting to help strengthen my body for long distance running. As time went on, I got stronger and started to notice the way my body was changing. I noticed other girls at my gym who competed and I realized that I too had the potential to compete. I did some research on the process and a couple years later finally decided to make the decision to step on stage.

During my off-season I compete in power lifting, so my diet changes dramatically. In order to lift heavy and train as a power lifter my calories and carbs are high. Pre-contest I slowly start to take away my carbs and utilize fat sources for energy instead.
My last diet plan stated off with a lot of calories and carbs, by the time I was weeks out I was under 1,000 calories with around 40 grams of carbs. I didn't really start carbing up until the night before my show. Once show day arrived, I was too flat and depleted. Next time around I would like for my muscles to look a lot fuller.

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I believe in lifting heavy! Heavy lifting is what is going to get your muscles to grow and power lifting is what has helped me gain the size I need. For cardio, I do HIIT training in my off season and at the beginning of prep, once I start getting closer to a show I increase my cardio, but I do more low-intensity.

I have terrible stage fright. What gets me up on stage is remembering all the hard work I put in for months for that moment. Once you realize that you only have a couple minutes on stage to show off what you worked so hard for so long for, then you realize you better make it count and WORK IT!

I recently did a show in Wisconsin and was completely blown away by the experience. It was so organized. There was no line at check-ins. During pre-judging there was a suit designer back stage to help the girls adjust their suits and glue them in. Pre-judging was done in less than 2 hours. Finals were smoothly ran and at the end the promoters baked treats for all of the competitors!

Being an athlete is my life. When I am getting ready for a show, that is the only thing on my mind and that is my main priority. It is difficult for my friends and family to understand what I go through with my diet and training, and when I am in prep don't understand why I can't just take a "day off" and go to dinner or something.

I plan on taking at least 6 months to grow a little more before I start dieting. I plan on competing again in the spring. After the spring season I will start to think about getting ready for a national show. Some day I dream of earning my pro card.

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