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I started to compete because growing up I always was interested in health and fitness. I followed a lot of girls on instagram and youtube that had done competitions and I always thought the hard work and dedication was amazing and inspiring. I got in contact with a local coach, who is still my current coach, Lionel Bassett, through a girl at my high school who was training with him. I joined his team for a workout one day and ever since that day I've fallen in love with competing and everything that goes into it!

My diet doesn't really change from prep to off season, I follow iifym so I will continue to eat the same foods but in off season I will have larger portions. For me, a non-restrictive diet has been most beneficial. I have a fast metabolism so I have to eat lots of food to keep my body functioning to the best of its ability. High carb, fat, and protein seem to be working very well for me right now.

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I think one mistake many competitors can make is doing too much cardio and not eating enough, everybody is different but I've found the most success with higher food intake and less cardio in order to stay conditioned and keep my muscles full at the same time.

Self confidence has always been something I struggled with ever since I was very young. Knowing how much work I put into each of my preps and the fact that I don't leave a single stone unturned really gives me confidence on stage because I know I worked my hardest and brought my best package each time.

For my training, I lift 6x a week- In that split I have 2 shoulder focused days that usually include a little bit of arm work too, then I have one back day, and 3 lower body days- Quad focused, hamstring focused, and glute focused. I like to stick to the stairmaster for my cardio and I do 20 minute sessions.

Being a bikini athlete is a huge part of my life. I've learned a lot of life lessons through my journey and I'm constantly learning more. Each day is a new day to better myself and I take full advantage of that. I've learned a lot about myself and what's important in life.

My future plans are to compete at nationals in 2018 with the overall goal of earning my pro card. After my last show of 2017 I'm going to go into a reverse diet with the main focus on building more mature muscle mass. I also want to continue motivating others and helping them reach their goals.

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