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I first watched a fitness competition about 5 years ago, my friends boyfriend was competing so I went along to watch. I remember being in awe of the bikini models thinking how glamorous they looked. I never thought I'd have the time or genetics to put together a decent stage package! Earlier this year my partner entered and placed 2nd in a junior fitness model competition and watching all the build-up and work he put in to it made me feel that with the right planning and training maybe this was something I could do.

I found the diet one of the hardest things to get right! Iím vegetarian and extremely fussy with all foods so this was tough! I ate a lot of eggs and veg and supplemented with protein shakes. I was prepping my meals daily which took time but I wanted to eat fresh as often as I could, the idea of reheated eggs didn't appeal to me. It was extremely difficult as I was having to cook lovely meals for the kids but they were no good for me! It took a lot of will power to not pinch some chips off their plates! I still allowed myself chocolate as I didnít want to have an emotional breakdown and because I didn't want to develop an unhealthy relationship with food I allowed a cheat meal once a week. I concentrated on trying to eat 1200-1500 kcal a day and making sure I had 100g of protein.

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Iím naturally confident so didnít feel that confidence was an issue, I do a lot of group exercise work so I'm used to standing in front of groups of people and performing Ė although they're normally not judging me haha!

I do a mixture of weight training and cv work, I'm very lucky that I work in a gym so I was able to train after or before a shift. I was often exhausted during the later stages of prep and would struggle with basic things like bathing the children. I think having to look after someone other than yourself when you are competing is so hard. You can't focus as much as you'd like to on yourself as you have 3 little dependents. It's not an excuse to not do as well as competitors without children but it really does make a difference in the time and energy you have! I included a lot of cardio in my training plans at the later stages to try and get my fat % down this proved to be very time consuming and I'm not sure it's something I'd do again, I'd probably just try and have a better starting point with less body fat.

I competed back in July 2017, unfortunately I didnít place, I was grateful for the feedback from the judges and their recommendations for improving myself. I know my next show package will be 100 x better as I know what Iíll need to work on.

You have to be pretty good at balancing when youíre a mum, athlete and have a full time job. A lot of it comes down to being prepared and organised. Iím aiming to compete again next year, with training commencing after Christmas.

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