Kendra Newlon - IFBB Bikini Pro

* A new IFBB Pro, Class H Winner, 2017 NPC Universe Championships

Kendra: I have been an athlete my whole life, through college. I graduated, and soon found myself needing a competitive outlet. A friend I worked out with was in prep for a show, and she suggested I should try a prep of my own. This was in 2014, and that spring, I competed in my first show (Midwest Championships in STL) where I won my height class.

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Competition prep

My diet doesn't change too dramatically at first when we transition from prep into an improvement season. We'll slightly add more calories to each meal, and introduce new foods (oatmeal vs. bread, potatoes vs. rice) to give my body a nice wake up call. Currently, we are adding .5lbs per week with increased macros per week. My favorite prep diet is Intermittent Fasting. I work a standard corporate, 8a-5p job on top of training clients, so packing less meals for the day is definitely more convenient. Also VOLUME at each of my meals is insane. Never feel hungry.

Failed diets: I honestly haven't had any that have "failed". Everyone's body is different, and that's my favorite part on prep; learning what works and what doesn't for YOU personally. And even once you think you've found the miracle diet plan that works amazing, your next prep your body could totally reject it. Intermittent Fasting has been one that I go to once others plateau me. Keto is what we typically start with at the beginning of my prep, then will transition to IF, and then incorporate carb cycling into IF.

Both in prep and during off season, I strength train 5x a week, and do steady state 2x a week. After my lifts, I like to do some HIIT to bump my heart rate up. Cardio is still super important during improvement season, which is where a lot of competitors go wrong. Keeping your heart strong will only help you once it comes time to cut again.

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On stage

I've always been super outgoing and used to performing in front of crowds during my school athletic days. However, strutting your stuff in 4 tiny pieces of fabric is a whole new world. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I perform my routine in a suit in my gym's rec room full of mirrors. If I can do this with people walking by, I can definitely pose in front of others that are in a distant crowd.

My favorite part about show day is getting to meet so many hardworking competitors. For such an aesthetic sport, I've met some of the kindest and most genuine girls. We all put in so much work for a short amount of time on stage, we know what each other goes through. A lot of times you'll meet online via Instagram, and then meet up in person at the shows. My last show I became an IFBB pro and had so many girls cheering and rooting for me that it made the experience so much more fun and memorable.

Life as an athlete: A lot of characteristics about me stem from my background as an athlete - time management, will power, dedication, leadership, humility, and self confidence. I honestly without hesitation can say that if I didn't grow up playing sports and continued bodybuilding after school, I wouldn't be as well rounded as I am today.

Future plans: Enjoying my improvement season for a few more months, and will begin a slow cut November/December. Shooting for stage in my IFBB Pro Debut in March.


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