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I'm 34 yrs old figure competitor and from Conroe Texas. I have always worked out on an off my whole life. About 1 yr ago I decided to go hard and heavy and get into competing. I started doing research and I found the best coach to train me in everything - working out/posing /nutrition and supplements.

I work out seven days a week and six days out of seven I train twice a day doing weightlifting mostly and cardio about three times a week and then when I go through prep it's cardio every day for an hour before weight training. Working out is something that I love especially when you start seeing results it becomes an obsession. The hardest part of being in this sport would be the meal prepping. I'm the type of girl that loves to eat and I love to eat good food. So when I'm not prepping I try to do everything in moderation so I don't go crazy haha.

For example when I'm going through meal prep my meals consist of The most bland food you can think of.. 4 ounces of ground turkey in the morning with 3 tablespoons of cream of rice and half of a grapefruit. Lunch is salmon with rice and asparagus. Snack is cod and dinner ground chicken with kale and carrots. With a gallon of water a day. And that's just a little example. I would eat the same thing for about two months. A very low carb diet. It seems to work for me.

Was happy to place 2nd in novice and 2nd in open in the figure competition at the #europadallas2017 #bodybuilding . It was a two day event with over 500+ competitors and I'm happy it's finally over. I met a lot of amazing people at this event. This sport isn't easy so kudos to all that do it. Thanks to everyone that supported me along the way . Suit made by @suits_by_jodi ! Now I'm taking a small break then Back at it for nationals in Miami #fitchick #figure #npc #nodaysoff #neverquit#thabodyspecialist #gotmike #figurecompetitor #fitchick #womenwholift

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When I'm not prepping I have more of a wide range of choices to choose from haha I still try to eat healthy and stick to a healthy lifestyle of eating but not so strict as when I'm prepping. Everything is in moderation! When I'm in Prep and training I do the very best possible and stick to the exact things my coach tells me to do.

Never go into this thinking that you're the best because there's always going to be someone better than you. This mindset will make you try harder and compete against yourself. Also you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row - suit ,NPC card, register online for the show that you're doing and make sure you have someone lined up to Tan you. When you get to the contest you have to check in and make sure you're always on time. When it's time for you to go onstage remember that pre-judging is everything!! The judges usually make their decision during pre-judging but things could always change give or take. When it's finally time to compete I have the upmost confidence ever because I know I followed my meal plan to a Tee and worked out the hardest ever and it's kind of exciting to get on stage and show the judges your own creation and the hard work you put into yourself.

And always be respectful to the other competitors because this sport is not easy and it takes a lot of willpower and dedication. It's always good to have a good support system behind you as well. Because let's face it the sport consumes you with the training and dieting it's on your mind 24/7 you live and breathe it.

Getting pumped before I go onstage ????#europadallas2017 #flexin #npc #figurecompetitor #gains #thabodyspecialist #gobigorgohome #chicksthatlift #fitchick #motivation #weightlifting

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I just finished my show in June placing 2nd place in both categories novice and open. Right now I'm taking a small little break before I have to start prepping again for nationals in Miami November! And when I say "small break" that just means meal prepping has stopped until a few months out before nationals. Working out stays the same seven days a week. We don't want those muscles to go bye-bye. lol.

If you want to follow me Instagram it's Kristinlee_82, I'm always updating my follows.

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