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I played college softball and have always been very athletic. The summer before my senior year of college I got very into fitness and had a small weight loss transformation. However, my senior year I gained all of the weight back and then after I graduated college I began my first office job. I put on a lot of weight during the first 5 months of that job. I eventually weighed more than I ever have in my entire life and knew I needed a change. I began my diet and a week in decided I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. I then became so obsessed with training, losing weight, developing muscle and the way that I felt, that I really set out to compete in shows. The addiction to progressing and developing my body was enough to keep me motivated throughout my first prep ever. I now am transitioning into my first off season ever and will begin training and bulking for a yearlong off season and will be competing next summer!

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In prep I am eating a very low carb, no fat and high protein diet, which works very well for my body. I have a strong reaction to carbs and my body does best with a high protein diet for contest prep. Now that I am going into an off season I am eating more carbs and have introduced a small amount of carbs back into my diet. I will progressively add more carbs into my diet throughout my off season. I usually eat 6 meals a day and in prep I was eating about 1100 calories. For my off season, this is obviously increasing, but I will be taking a lean bulk approach.

I have consistently stuck with a high protein, low carb diet for contest prep and have been very successful with it. I became extremely lean and was very successful competing with it. My coach and I found what works for my body, so we havenít changed much.

I lift hard 5 days a week, do a lot of cardio and HIIT. In contest prep I was doing 2 hours of cardio a day on 50g of carbs. It definitely was not easy and I struggled a lot of days, but it was always worth it. When I came off the stage from my first show after winning both of my classes, I said to myself that every cardio session and low carb day was worth it. I personally really enjoy lifting weights and incorporating different types of lifts (high intensity, high volume, etc). I am not a huge fan of HIIT, but I also believe it gets the job done. I also do half of my cardio fasted and the other half post lifting, because I believe thatís when I burn the most calories/fat. I had good success with all of this. I also lift with a trainer so that I can have someone push me out of my comfort zone and push me past my limits.

I think after you kill yourself in the gym for months, sacrifice everything in your life and eat such a strict diet you develop a sense of self confidence. I knew that I worked so incredibly hard for this physique and I was proud to show it off. My physique is my masterpiece and something that I built from the ground up. I lost 42 lbs. in 6 months before my first bodybuilding show ever. I was extremely proud of myself for all of the hard work, dedication and consistency that I had during my first prep. I think if anyone works that hard for their physique, they deserve to feel proud and show off their hard work. I knew that at that point I deserved it and I earned my time on stage.

I just finished up my first season competing as a Figure competitor in two NPC shows here in Oregon. I won both of my classes at my first show the Pacific Coast Championships and I got second place in Open Figure Class A at my second show, the Oregon State Championships. In my first show, when I won both of my classes, I walked off stage, called my coach and when he asked ďwas it all worth it?Ē my immediate response was ďYES!Ē It was the greatest feeling I have ever experienced in my whole life. You have coaches and trainers, but nobody can force you to diet and train and do everything it requires to make it to show day. So when you are successful, you know it was all because of your own hard work and itís the most fulfilling feeling in the entire world. Being on stage is such a rush and gives such an adrenaline high! I donít even sleep the whole week before a show, because I get so excited!

Life as an athlete: Well, you give up/sacrifice being a normal human. You canít go out to eat, out for drinks, etc. Competing took over my entire life. I was at the gym at 5 am and 9 pm, meal prepping, etc. I was constantly doing something for prep. I was exhausted 24/7. I didnít have a social life, because I couldnít do a lot of things and was always tired or busy. I also didnít have money to spend on anything, because competing takes a lot of your money.
However, it gave me something to work for every day. Every day, I had a new vein or striation and it was SO MOTIVATING. I got to watch my body transform in front of my eyes and change into something I had never seen before. I came a completely different person and had completely new goals in life. It stopped my unhealthy habits such as drinking/partying. At 22 years old, most of my friends are in a party lifestyle and itís been hard, but I also feel much better/healthier without so much alcohol in my life. I also have met countless incredible people in this industry! My coach Andre Scott, my fellow Posing Perfection athletes and all of the people I met through shows and at the gym, etc. Bodybuilding is full of the most motivating and inspiring people and I am so grateful to be a part of this community!

Future plans: As of now, I just came out of my first season of competing in Figure. My coach Andre Scott and I have decided to take a year off season to bulk, grow, put on some serious muscle and add an overall thickness to my physique. Iím looking to compete sometime next summer! I am so excited to continue in this sport. I can tell you, that I will competing for a long time, because this is my passion. This was definitely not a phase for me, because I fell in love with bodybuilding. I am really excited for my first off season and to come back next year (Summer 2018) even better!

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