Marina Hamova - IFBB Bikini Competitor, Slovakia

I started to train at the age of 16. My trainer which is also my partner told me that I’ve got potential for competitions. He saw my muscles, how I really loved the sport and how competitive I was. But in Slovakia fitness was the only division – I'm not a gymnastic so it would be hard to learn the routines, then bodyfitness - I like muscles but I'm too young and muscle quality need time, and also today bodyfitness is really hard. Today bodyfitness is light women bodybuilding...there is such a little difference...

Women bodybuilding – It is really admirable how hard woman train, and everybody knows that bodybuilding is NOT easy especially for women, but it is not the way I'm interested in. So we were looking for some category which is combination of sexy girls shape and charisma. And then like “sign from heaven” a new category was added - bikini fitness, and we know that this is the category which was created for me. We start to train hard. 69 days later I participated in my first competition, it was Slovak National Championship IFBB, and I won it, like absolute champion. If you really want, everything is possible.

Diet is a mystery to every competitor. You try lot of various diets and every diet has its own advantage but also disadvantage. I try a lot of them and I think the best diet for me is only low-sugar Diet. My daily portion of carbohydrates is max. 50-75 grams. My body has a perfect reaction for this. When I'm in off-season I eat everything. But when I start to prepare to contest I start also with diet. So the difference is so huge. I think that you can eat everything but you must be careful with size of portions / of course I mean in off season. So when I'm out of season I really eat everything. When I want to gain some muscle I raise the daily portion of proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins about 1.5 – 2 grams\ 1kg of body weight in chicken, beef and turkey meal. And carbohydrate about 100-200 grams per day in rice, potatoes, pasta.

Marina Hamova

I tried a lot of diets but the non effective for ME is called "carbohydrate-waves". The main idea of this diet is that for each day you have daily portion of carbohydrates for example at Monday you start for 50 gr, then Tuesday 100 g, Wednesday 150g….. and like this you continue for your TOP, and then again. The main idea is that this diet starts your metabolism, and fat lose will be more effective. For somebody this will be the best diet to prepare but for me it wasn’t. I started that and I’ve got feelings that the weight is standing on one place. My weight doesn’t go up and doesn’t go down. So I tried low-carb diet and this is perfect for me.

It sound like cliche but the best supplements are L-carnitin, chrome, synephrine, thermogenic fat burners. L-carnitin like basic supplement in fat loosing I take at the morning before and after training and also when I'm gone to sleep. But for me it is important that the carnitine is 100,000 and higher. The best bottle is something about 100% of pure L-carnitine in 100g to 1000ml. Chrome is perfect weapon when you are addicted to sweets. When I take chrome I don’t have a taste for sweets, ice creams and thing like that. I really like Thermogenic fat burners because they raise your body temperature and fat loosing is more effective. I take it before and after training. The dosage and time when I take them depends on instructions of each mark of supplements.

My training program has two parts. First to build and gain some muscles in some specific parts of my body when they are missing. In my occasion these parts are shoulders and back. So I train only 3 times a week with heavy weights and small count of reps. In these parts like I said I raised portion of carbohydrates and proteins. Then we go to second part, which is diet and finally ending with preparation for competition. Here I start to train every day maximum 1 day off. Every day is 2 hours cardio workout and one fully training when I use smaller weights but highest reps. Also I start with low-carb diet. Nothing missing to me, because I eat lot of vitamins, minerals and body has everything.

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