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I've been involved in fitness to some extent since my early teens. I had an early background as well in dance. The last five years I've been able to devote more time to my fitness goals due to my three children no longer living at home. I started lifting more seriously about five years ago and doing obstacle races (Spartan Races). I was approached by a gym owner and trainer wondering if I would be interested in doing bodybuilding competition. Because lifting was starting to become a passion for me, I researched coaches and started with my coach, Andrew Brightman, three years ago.

My first bikini bodybuilding competition was last year. I was hooked! I place four in Novice and Third in Masters 35 plus. This year I took first in Bikini masters 35 plus at Gopher state, second Bikini Masters 30 plus and Fifth in Bikini class C at Muscle Madness in Wisconsin. There will never be a feeling as incredible of having the last five names called out and your name gets called out last, First Place!! All that hard work, sacrifices and changes you've made throughout the year are celebrated it was a great moment. Especially having my family there as well.

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My diet during my "prep" the first year of fish, asparagus, and rice. Very low fats but I changed the amounts of carbs depending on what muscle group I was working. One cheat meal a week was allowed normally consisting of basically whatever I wanted. Because I had put my body through that and had gained muscle this past year my diet was completely different this year. I carb cycled this year, meaning there were days without carbs and more clean fats in my diet, for example avocados and whole eggs. It was according to day not what I was necessarily lifting that day. I train a different group of muscle everyday with one day a week of rest. I incorporate legs/glutes at least twice a week. I feel that that has really enhanced my growth this last year. I those days as well as back day, I eat more protein a meal as well as carbohydrates.

This years diet and lifting brought the best package I could've brought this year. I believe in order for bodybuilding to be successful it needs to be a lifestyle. It requires time, discipline and commitment. This being said this sport affects every part of your life. Happy hours tend to be few and far between. Being an empty nested it has been easy to keep the foods at home I only eat. As far as friendships, I have lost some mainly due to the social aspect of eating and drinking. Crazy as it may sound.

Being over 45 years of age, mom of three amazing children, I was told it would be extremely hard to change my body. That made it even more appealing to me. I've had a lot of ladies as well as men reach out wanting advice. I want to share my knowledge and experiences with others as well.

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I'm in the process of getting certified this next year to train others and gain more knowledge myself. I plan on just getting better. I'm planning on hopefully hitting the competition stage again next year to beat the this years me!
It's never too late to be the best you, you can be.


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