Mikka Heim - IFBB Figure Pro

A new IFBB Figure Pro!
Mikka earned her Pro card at the 2017 NPC USA Championships

When I was in college, I was living a sedentary lifestyle and had terrible eating habits. I made it a goal to start working out and eating healthier. I stuck to my goal and fell in love with the process! This made me want to compete in an NPC bikini competition. I started working towards my goal of stepping on stage, but then I realized the bikini division wasn't for me. I decided I wanted to compete in the figure division, which prolonged my goal of competing. I consistently worked for 13 months before finally stepping on stage as a figure competitor.

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During my off-season, I make sure I am in a caloric surplus that way I am able to add more muscle to my physique. I always eat clean, nutritious food during my off-season because I love the way it makes me feel and so I am able to fuel my body properly. I eat things such as lean protein sources, complex carbs, green veggies, etc. Pre-contest I make sure I am in a caloric deficit that way I am able to drop body fat. My diet also gets more strict. I keep it pretty simple by sticking to mostly eating egg whites, fish, chicken breast, rice, sweet potatoes, green veggies, etc. I definitely give myself a lot more variety during my off-season than in competition prep. During off-season and competition prep I typically eat 6 meals a day about every 2-3 hours.

I like to do my cardio first thing in the morning, fasted. This helps jump start my metabolism for the day. I switch up my style of lifting every so often. I sometimes focus on lifting heavy and sometimes I focus on doing more volume. I typically will focus on one area of my body each day. For example, I will have a day where I focus on my quads and another day that week that focuses on my gluteus and hammies.

Competition prep pushes you mentally, emotionally, and physically. When you push past what you think your limits are, it makes it so rewarding to show off all your hard work and what you can accomplish with hard work and discipline.

I always try to put my "blinders" on when checking into a competition or backstage of a competition or else I get really nervous because of all the awesome looking physiques. I go into a competition with the mindset of "you've done all the hard work, now just have fun!"

Being an athlete takes planning and consistent effort. I am always scheduling my meals and workouts around my everyday tasks, that way I don't skip a beat and can keep progressing towards my goals. At times it also takes sacrifice. When I get close to a show I sometimes have to give up my plans with friends or social events so I can get my time in at the gym, practice posing, etc.

Right now I plan on taking a long offseason before I make my pro debut. I'm thinking sometime next summer is when I'll step on stage again for my first time as a IFBB Figure Pro.

Contact information:
Email: mikkarae.11@gmail.com
Instagram: ifbbpro.mikka

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