Nanette Gorena - Figure Competitor

* 3 Class Figure Champion Winner at the 2017 NPC Adela Garcia Classic
Class B, Novice Class B, Masters +35

Nanette: I began my passion for strength training the spring of 2014. I was in the midst of earning my kinesiology degree and immediately became fascinated by the body, muscles and how our body works together to perform one movement. Needless to say I would find myself amazed by women who were a walking muscular system and I wanted to know more. I took my body to the next level the summer of 2014, I leaned out by clean eating; cooking from Whole Foods, not processed and it worked! I have myself three years before I would allow myself to take stage. I figured if I have to sacrifice everything, including family then I want to come back with hardware and a title.

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My diet off season, I allow more snacks. Protein shakes, bars and the weekly cheat meal. While prepping all those things fail to exist. Everyone's body is different and so I find it's very important to eat and take pictures of your condition upon waking, to see how a specific food affects you; bloated, full or nothing at all.

My training sessions are no more than 45 min with two sessions of cardio; aerobic and anaerobic, 7 days a week, two a days.

Strutting on stage is not something I struggle with. I have always performed in front of audiences, from High School through college, when I had to deliver speeches, to my current job having to instruct, and since I had the confidence and this physique I put so much work into, came easy.

In the fitness industry, I have learned that there are a lot of competitive women and sadly, no one wants to see anyone succeed, although they preach it, they fail to follow through. The Fitness industry is not always a friendly industry.

Being an athlete and holding this condition is challenging and can be pressured. I'm very hard on myself and my worst critic. If I fail. I have failed and disappointed everyone; this is my mentality. But, the best part is that I do not quit. There is not one thing I have worked so hard for and not come out on the other side shining. Sure there are a lot of obstacles and perhaps a life changing event where you have to stop, but I keep going; I'm wired that way.

My future is bright and I hope to become a huge marketer for anyone who is willing to give me the opportunity. I'm a goal digger, I take pride in everything I do and I know when I leave this earth, I will leave a piece of me with everyone I ever inspired.

IG: @nanettegorena

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