Pamela John - IFBB Bikini Pro, NPC judge

Update after her first Pro Masters win - the 2017 IFBB Hurricane Pro
September 2017

Coming into each competition the expectation of doing well and possibility of placing are always the aim. It's always reassuring that each time you present you are being judged as if for the first time, based upon what you are bringing that day and competing against whatever physique your competition brings that day. Doesn't matter if Courtney King or Bianca Berry shows up, if they haven't brought their "a" game it's anyone's competition. It's that hope in the NPC and IFBB that each competitor lives for and thrives on. We can't control who shows up but we can be sure to bring our best possible physique to each competition. The aim is always to be better than and improve upon the last showing. Better posing or physique, etc. in the end you are the only element that YOU can control.

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SO during checkins I'm usually a little nervous but excited for the possibilities that lie ahead!... excited to meet new people and make new friends, to learn any lesson God may wish to impart to me through the experience.

During pre- judging I personally usually have a surge of nervousness and then just immediately prior to my stage time a wave of calmness washes over me, thankfully and I think God must take over because it truly defies all reason that I should be calm on stage-- I don't consider myself a showman but truly I'm more or a technician. I somewhat click on the "autopilot" button and check out so panic doesn't get the chance to set in thankfully.

Mid day most ladies go back to their rooms and rest-- I am usually too excited about the night show so I can't wind down much. I eat lightly, keep water up and get my tanning touch up. I'm not AS nervous going into the night show because we generally have an idea about our placings based on our call outs.

Currently, I'm going on competition number 5 of my season. My prep started in March. During the off season I gained 20 pounds in an effort to put on more size. I'm an extremely typical "hard gainer". I grew up modeling with the typical waifish, long looking limbs... broad shoulders, narrow hips... not your typical NPC/IFBB Bikini girl. Pulling all that fat for this competition season has been a long laborious process. In the past I'd used the Ketogenic dieting method the pull fat but during this prep with my new coaches- Ronald & Christy Poe-- I've been somewhat cycling my carbs, not completely carb depleting until about a week or week and a half out. The biggest challenges I face are the cravings that I fight for pizza and nut butters in a home with 2 teenaged girls and a husband that basically live off both!! Also a big challenge is not coming in too lean and striated through the upper body after achieving the leanness needed in the glutes and hams.

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Being an athlete has definitely enhanced most all aspects of my life. I feel it's our duty to be good stewards of the beautiful gift that these bodies are that God has entrusted us with. As long as I'm able bodied I will embrace that gift and strive for my own personal level of excellence. Not just in body, but in spirit and mind... I'm truly blessed by the journey and the good people of the NPC & IFBB. I hope to continue judging as well working my way up to an IFBB PRO level judge.

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