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* A new IFBB Pro, 2017 North Americans

My names Regina Booker, I'm 23 years old and I'm from a small town in Maryland. All my life I've been athletic playing sports such as Basketball, Softball, Dancing, Gymnastics, and All Star Cheerleading. I am a 5 time National Hip Hop Solo Champion and the creator of the Dance Crew called Toxic Twist Crew. So I've always been active but I never had the proper nutrition to keep me at my best. In 2014 I decided it was time for a change after the weight started to grow on my body and so I started lifting weights for the first time. Little did I know I would fall in love with the sport. That next year I went to the Arnold Sports Festival and saw the Fitness Division Ladies and I was in LOVE. I told myself that is what I wanted to do, I want to become an IFBB Fitness PRO!

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So in 2015 I found a competition, choreographed my own routine, searched on how to prep for a show, and ended up winning 1st place! From that point on I knew that I found my new passion! Since then I competed in 5 Fitness Shows leading up to the North Americans in hopes of getting my Pro Card. A day I will never forget, when my dreams became reality. I remember hearing 2nd place get called and it wasn't my number, I looked out into the crowd to find my Coach and was literally holding the tears back. On 8/31/17 I became a New IFBB Fitness Pro.

My diet is normally pretty strict because my body likes to be stubborn. On contest prep I do carb cycling. When I'm not on prep I mostly just watch my protein intake to make sure that I'm getting enough in to grow. I don't go overboard and eat pizza everyday but sometimes I will eat out. I feel every body is different but for me what has worked best to lose weight has been carb cycling however this time around I had to cut my carbs and go keto for a few weeks to confuse my body and drop a few lbs before show day. To build muscle the best way is to increase your protein intake. It's really that simple but some days I do have to force myself to eat because it's a lot different than cutting. When I first started I didn't know about portion sizes per body weight and so I was just eating chicken and rice but it was way too much and therefore I didn't really get to where I needed to be. My advice is to find a Coach and do your research!

On contest prep, I workout 6 days a week, with morning fasted cardio 4 days and then I also do my fitness routine practice at least 3 times a week. On peak week its everyday. When I'm bulking, I workout 6 days a week and I only do cardio when I feel its needed. I also try and make sure I work on my fitness skills every week no matter what.

Honestly, I just feel like I've always had that show performer thing going on. My first hip hop solo I was 13 and I had to perform for around 5000 people... talk about scary at 13 years old. But once I got out there I loved it, I showed off, and had fun. I guess you could just say I'm a Natural Performer. I feel self-confidence is something you have to find within yourself because if you don't believe in yourself how is anyone else going to believe in you.

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My experience at North Americans is one I'll always remember! Pre-judging I literally sat and waited for 8 hours before I touched the stage. There was so many people there but it was so worth it. I had the best time and met a lot of Fitness ladies who share the same passion as me. During finals we all were kind of like a group saying good luck, good job, you got this, and just being supportive! But once it hit me at finals that I actually won, I reached my goal, a dream of mine, I was fighting back the tears. That was one of the best feelings of my life! I worked so hard for that, and I still today get choked up thinking about it. One of the Best Days of my life!

For me, being an athlete keeps me healthy and fit for my job. I'm a Dance and Gymnastics Instructor at Jessica's Creations as well as a Dance Coach for our Worlds Dance Team called Toxic Twist Crew. I also do online coaching and in person prep posing practice. I mean it doesn't get in the way of anything because I'm surrounded by the lifestyle!

My future plans are the hit the pro stage within the next year. I want to grow my upper body more before I start dieting for that. My dream is to one day be on the Olympia Stage!

My contact information is below! Feel free to reach out to me!
Instagram: @ginaraefit
Instagram: @powerthetics (my clothing line/coaching info.)

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