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An update from Rosian
July 2017

My last show and pro debut was the Rising Pheonix, held in Arizona. As per the usual as I have found whilst competing, the competitors were super friendly, everyone all buzzed and happy to be there competing. During athlete check-in I felt rather comfortable and at home in the surrounding, picked up my number and went right back to my hotel to rest for the big event the next day. The following day getting ready for prejudging, I was ready. Arrived at the venue and haven never felt so cold, needless to say my body never got warm. I spent most of my backstage time bundled up in my jacket and all the clothes I had in my prep bag. At my cozy little corner, I watched the womenís bodybuilding and womenís physique athletes in awe, the work they must put in I thought. Though I did not get 1st or 2nd callout, I wasnít about to worry, my body was not getting warm and for finals I already had plans to rectify that.

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Returned to the hotel and walked straight to ac unit and turned it off, found a nice thick comforter and rolled myself inside (yes with all my clothes on). Fell asleep as I felt the cold leaving my body. Finals, while it was just as cold, I was prepared with a thicker jacket and enough clothing to keep me rather warm. Watched and assisted as my coach helped the womenís bodybuilding and physique girls still rather impressed at the dedication and commitment necessary to get to that level of muscularity. With a little coffee, ok maybe a lot, and some wine I started my warmup feeling my body respond to my demands and felt rather confident that I was going to be just fine. Got on stage and felt rather confident in the body I displayed as opposed to earlier in the morning. Again I was in the 3rd callout but I was not phased, I knew I would be back and I would be better. The feedback was for a leaner more streamlined look and like that my new mission was on.

My current diet has been ongoing from the Rising Phoenix. I had to alter my physique a bit from a bigger and fuller package to one more leaner and streamlined. Diet wise that mostly meant coming down from a higher carb range than I was used to, where in the past each meal was just as heavy with carbs as it was with proteins, this is no longer the case. My main protein source is chicken and the occasional steaks. As for my training that has been the most difficult part as (for legs) I had to start lifting lighter. My legs are super strong and the new weight range especially at first felt as if my entire workout was a warmup. It took some getting used to, and I must admit I am not totally settled into it nor do I like it but it has produced the desired results. My upper body on the other hand, I did not change anything much as I needed to just keep pushing harder for those rounder shoulders and bigger back.

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My biggest challenge during prep thus far has been energy. My days start pretty early at 3:30 where I either do Yoga or just simply stretch prior to hitting the gym for my first client and it goes on till whenever it goes on to. Some days I feel as if I am working on auto pilot and thus anything out of the norm that I had to do sometimes gets overlooked, my day planner is my best friend and I canít leave it anywhere. I prep most of my meals the night before or the morning of the same day and should that get messed up, problems, while there are places that I frequent that will cater to my diet it is smelling all the delicious goodness that I am restricting myself from that tortures me. Some may say well my diet allows for this, I try not to while on pre because that for me is a slippery slope where I can easily come from letís say one cookie to a few boxes. I know my limitations or you may say weaknesses so itís easier to just keep away from certain things while on prep, I have enjoy those things later, I have a goal to meet. I am a personal trainer an my clients look up to me, the things I am asking them to implement in their daily lives are things that I have made staple in my life, they see me struggle on some days but continue to push on, I use that some days as my motivation to stay my path when I feel my legs weak and going to deviate off the path.

Competing in the Pro Figure ranks vs. amateur: There isnít a difference I would say, not for me. Yes there is no height category but I never really saw that while competing in the amateur ranks. What I see is competition, I must beat you to get to overall and beat someone else. At the pro level we arenít separated so itís like a giant overall.

I have been an athlete for most of my life. I have always had to outshine myself, being an athlete that has forced me to focus on the bigger picture and not the stupid silly superficial stuff. There is a discipline that come from that, you put your goals first. Life is not about partying and popping bottles as some may say, every decision leads you closer to your desired purpose. When I go out even when Iím not on prep I am always mindful of what I am eating, though I can get away with a lot more than some I donít go ape and just over do. I take everything in moderation as the problem only occurs when you take things in excess and just go ridiculously off your diet.

I donít want nor have I ever wanted an average life so I set what some call unrealistic goals because it forces me to level up to reach them. My daily thought is that I cannot have another year like the previous year, this year has to be better no matter how successful or unsuccessful the previous year was, this year has to be better. I live and breathe for my sport, and while I may not know like some the every detail of every athlete that is in my class like some others, I know that I need to defeat them. I know that I need to stay focused and in my lane because I will defeat them, itís just a matter of time.

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Currently I am just a few days short of the Lenda Murray AM Pro in Virginia, it will be my first show since the Rising Phoenix. It will be my best package to date and I canít wait to display it will be enough to land me in the top 6. Following that show I return home to go straight into prep for the Kentucky muscle in October, with my current conditioning and so much more months to dial in even better I am already excited for it.

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