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* A new IFBB Pro, 2017 IFBB North Americans

I started competing in 2016 when I decided that I really wanted to take my fitness and body to its limits and be at the same level as some of the other competitors I followed. I have always been so inspired by what they do and always told myself I wish I could do that! I have always been into fitness and come from an athletic background and I have been a personal trainer for over eight years. It was perfect timing when my husband and I moved to Sacramento for him to fulfill his professional MMA career and that's where I met my first coach and I knew it was the time to enter in my first bodybuilding competition. To say the least I have been hooked ever since then and haven't looked back.

Alright just finished up with pre judging at #northamericans2017 here's a snippet of my individual, sitting in center but we will have to see the results at finals!!! I felt so comfortable up there and legitimately had a blast. We will see what happens tonight!! Thank you everyone for all of the love, support and well wishes!! ?? @toxicangelzbikinis @theshoefairy_ @fitbodyfusion

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My plan really doesn't change much the only thing that changes is the quantity. In the off season my macros go up and my carbs are definitely higher and for prep my macros gradually decrease with carb cycling days. As far as the types of foods those are the same year round, minimal processed foods but I enjoy my treats still. I make sure to eat every 3-4 hours and I eat 5-6 meals per day.
Failed diet: Excessive cardio. Set meal plans. Simply put it made me lose a lot of hard earned muscle trying to get the "leaner look." Instead is doing endless hours of cardio I now do hiit cardio sessions for 20-30 minutes max 3-4 times per week, during prep. As far as set meal plan there is nothing better than a flexible approach to eating and when given the correct macros, it makes the world of difference in your physique.

My training schedule stays somewhat the same year round. I lift about 5 times per week and do 2 days of hiit in the off season and 3-4 days of hiit during prep. I also make sure to do yoga at least once per week.

I always second guessed myself and wondered if "I was good enough" or if my posing was good enough. When you throw all doubt out the window and BELIEVE in yourself, that it when it all changes. You have put in the hard work already so show day is meant for having fun, being confident and knowing you are bringing your best.

I recently competed in NPC IFBB North Americans and really the whole experience was amazing. This was my first national show so I wasn't fully prepared for what to expect but everything ran very smoothly and quickly at check ins. Then come prejudging it was rather nerve racking of course but I was also very eager and excited to get on stage. I was feeling so thankful to be there and I really just wanted to have a good time and showcase all of my hard work on stage. At finals and after getting first callouts I was a bit more nervous and anxious to find out the results. When they called my name as the class winner and new IFBB Pro I truly couldn't believe if. It was a dream come true!

#tbt Looking back at all I have accomplished this year. This picture helps remind myself why I continue doing what I do. I competed in my first competition, launched an online personal training website AND opened a training studio with my husband @ashtonpierce145. I hear people tell me all the time they CAN'T do things whether it's fitness related, a career, making a big change etc. Anything you put your mind to you can accomplish. I've had such an amazing, yet stressful at times 2016 and I wouldn't change a single second of it. I am a result of my own actions. I look forward to year 2017 and seeing what improvements I've made towards all of my goals in life. Instead of reliving your failures, be fueled by your successes. Work hard towards your goals they don't happen overnight and the hustle never stops. If you have a goal or dream take the steps to get there. Anything is possible, have the courage to pursue it! #whatsyourresolution

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Although being an athlete is quite demanding, I have found balance with the other aspects in my life. Being an athlete has also taught me so much about myself and my mental growth is strong. It's important to me to have competing enhance my life and still enjoy the other importances in life. I'm very lucky to have such a supportive husband and family as well as it makes this all possible.

I will continue working hard towards my goals and the next step is making my pro debut then eventually reaching my big goals of competing on the Olympia stage!

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