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The fitness industry has been a part of my life since I was a small child since my mom has been a group fitness instructor all my life. I was very much into sports and competing when I was in school, being a part of gymnastics, track and field and volleyball later in high school. I didn’t really appreciate the fitness lifestyle until my mid 20’s until after suffering some severe anxiety attacks, insomnia for over a year. My mom recommended I become a certified group fitness instructor, so I did and 10 years later I have been teaching group fitness, I became a certified personal trainer two years ago and now I am pursuing powerlifting and becoming a holistic sports nutrition advisor. It has changed my life for the good, and my passion has guided me on a path of sharing that passion with others while I constantly work towards become a healthier and stronger version of myself.

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Diet: Throughout the “clean bulk” I have always focused on ensuring that my foods are 90/10 split. 90% being whole foods, and 10% being treats or somewhat processed foods. I practice the flexible dieting approach, because it is more sustainable than eating strict plan day in day out for months at a time. With a Ectomorph body type, putting on lean muscle is difficult so it takes me a lot longer to put on lean mass than other body types but with a decent caloric surplus and hard work in the gym it is possible. Calories range from 2300-2800 depending on the workout schedule I have.

During my cut this year I have followed the flexible dieting plan as well, with lower calories of course but following the same 90/10 rule because I enjoy eating whole foods but have those treats allow me to satisfy cravings and not binge. I have weekly refeeds (boosted carbohydrate intake) that allow me to replenish my glycogen stores and boost my energy levels for the upcoming week of training. My starting calories when I started my cut 3 months ago were 1750, with high carb intake moderate fat and the essential amount of protein needed to preserve lean muscle tissue. Over the course of my cut my calories have not dropped below 1560.

Even though I practice the flexible dieting approach, I am a creature of habit and tend to eat a lot of the same things week to week: protein oats, protein pancakes, bananas and peanut butter, grilled chicken with rice and greens, large green salads, protein shakes with berries and nut butters, and of course a lot of roasted yams and sweet potatoes. Being creative with how I prepare my foods and what spices I use makes a HUGE difference.

I have tried the Ketogenic diet multiple times, and the first time my body adjusted nicely and went into Ketosis quite easily. However when I tried it this year, my body did not respond well: gained weight and held onto the weight even after the diet was completed, energy levels did not increase like the previous time, they actually decreased and I had to stop the diet as soon as possible.

I would not necessarily consider it a failure, it know it was more that my body requires different macronutrients now than it did last year. I am training different, my body composition is different and hormone function plays a huge part in it as well.

Loving the fact that my deadlifts weights are climbing! ?????? 4th working set, 240x4. Time to dial in this weight and get that form on point! Changed up my music for my workout, going with a more mellow and meditative playlist so that I could really focus on my lift. I paid off, because I hit this PR!! The less distraction the better right @mathew_park ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . #deadlift #powerlifting #lift #noexcuses #strongnotskinny #fitchick #strong #fitness #fit #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #gym #train #training #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #getfit #exercise

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Currently my training schedule consists of 5 weight lifting sessions a week, with varying rep rages to challenge power and building muscles. One HIIT training session, and one steady state cardio session a week. Flexible dieting allows me to eat anything healthy anywhere, so staying on track with my macros on daily basis is actually very easy! I refuse to spend hours food prepping to eat the same things day in day out.

Having not actually stepped on stage for a competition I don’t know what this experience would be like for me. However as a woman that has struggled with self confidence issues a lot, weight lifting in general has helped boost my confidence. Watching my body change in a health way, feeling stronger and healthier, building a more balanced lifestyle - those are what have helped me become more confident in myself, my abilities and have now driven me to take my training and education to the next level. Have I thought about stepping on stage, absolutely. Will I? That isn’t 100% decided at this point.

Being a personal trainer and a passionate athlete for body building and powerlifting has changed my life for the good. It has helped me become more confident in myself emotionally, along with realizing how stronger I can be physically. It’s a sort of therapy and stress relief at times, which allows me to focus on the important aspects of my life and work more clearly. At times it’s not always convenient, and learning to find the “balance” is next to impossible but having the support of my husband, family and friends it makes it easier to chase my dreams and stay passionate about my goals and the fitness industry as a whole.

Currently I am working towards competing in my first powerlifting competition. I have a lot of work to do, but with the help of my coaches I will get my Wilks numbers and register for my first competition in early 2018.

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