Weight Training to Lose Weight

By Samantha Yonev - National level Canadian Figure Competitor and Personal Trainer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

5 Weight Training Myths
1) If you stop weight lifting then all the muscle turns to fat
  • This cannot happen due to that muscles and fats are two different tissues! If you stop lifting weights and continue to eat a large amount of calories then you are just slowly going to pack on the pounds and lose muscle mass! So if you stop lifting weight lower your intake in calories!
2) Strength Training Makes Women Bulk Up
  • This is a really popular one you hear all the time! Women do not have the amount of hormones like testosterone necessary to build hug muscle mass!
3) I should be sore after every work out
  • Soreness always happens to beginners, unless you just switches up your workout activities you might be sore the next day but this should go away and lessen every time! If you are sore after every workout you may need more time to recover or you can lower the intensity of your workouts to allow yourself to heal and adapt!
4) I’m Too Old to Lift Weights
  • If you have medical issues you need always make sure you visit a doctor before trying out any kinds of exercising but once you get cleared there is NO age limits to lifting weights only a beginner program to a advance program! When you lift weights you will increase your strength and flexibility, have more confidence lower risk of health concerns, and improve balance and coordination!
5) Weight Lifting Is Bad For Your Joints
  • Weight lifting is less stressful on your joints than running is! Weight lifting involves controlled and non-impacted movements. Weight lifting will increase the health of your joints by strengthening the muscles and ligaments that hold them together

5 Tips for Fat Loss
1) Eat Clean and only have moderation of Junk Food
  • If you limit yourself Junk food and tend to only treat yourself once or twice a week for a meal then you will notice the amount of fat loss you can have by adding this change into a daily exercise workout
2) make sure to include Cardio AFTER your workout Session
  • Did you know you burn off all the sugar in your bloodstream within 30 to an hour of weight training, this means any activity RIGHT after your workout focus right into FAT burning! This is why CARDIO after your workout is so important!
3) Be Consistent
  • If you stop working out and stop eating clean or just eat clean and stop working out and tend to just juggle things around then you will stop fat loss in its tracks! Try and do 4 weeks on with one week off to make sure you always keep your body in muscle confusion and always try and change your program up after every 4 weeks!
4) Eat Every 3hours
  • Your body is like a furnace and when you stop feeding the furnace your fire goes out! Make sure you do not leave huge gaps in your diet you want to be eating every 3hours to make sure you keep your body running and this will help you increase your metabolism!
5) Lift Weights
  • Cardio does not burn fat like lifting weights does, the number one way to burn FAT is to build muscle so make sure you add a nice weight lifting workout to your daily exercising program!

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