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Agata is a fitness motivator, martial artist, fitness/bodybuilding/powerlifting ambassador and woman that lifts.

Hi, My name is Agata Dowding but most of you know me as I am a woman and I lift.

I was asked to tell you a little bit about myself and share with you more about what I do, what motivates me and what are my dreams, goals and thoughts.

Many of you ask me if I am a Fitness Model or a Competitor (and its very humbling to hear that words), but I am only an Everyday woman that leads a normal life like most of us do but I am also an Ambassador and "Motivator " of a Healthy Lifestyle, Training, Fitness and Martial Art. And this to me means that I am a competitor because I might be not physically on the stage but to me LIFE is a Stage and Everyday and what I do is a COMPETITION, and the trophy?

The trophy to me is: MOTIVATING OTHERS, INSPIRING THEM AND MAKING THEM BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN. TO me there are no barriers, limits, genders, regardless what colour of the skin, what is your background, material status, etc. We all belong to "LIFTING FAMILY" and we should empower each other, promote, motivate and inspire, and our progress and results should be an evidence of our work

Me as I am a woman and I lift I would love to inspire, motivate, break stereotypes, educate, promote, make others smile and believe in them self. My dream is that Every Single woman could say to herself: "Yes I am a woman and I lift!!!!!!! So what I do I run seminars across the world teaching and showing who I am. We train together and talk about the importance of nutrition too and then my fans have an opportunity to meet me in person, ask me questions and I also learn a lot about them, what motivates them, what goals they have, who they are.

So let's start, you asked me about my background and how I started lifting?

Well I am 35 years old when I get qualified as a Masseur, from the very beginning I knew that I want to be very good in what I do, so at that time to me that meant " STRONG = Good " and to be able to do so and do what I love well - I started squatting to get strong legs to be able to deliver my strength from legs not wrist and believe me or not I started squatting in my bedroom where I had my first Smith machine (later I had to move it to my garage otherwise I think I would end up with collapsed ceiling in my kitchen )

At the time I was training Taekwondoo and MMA 3-5 times a week so my fitness and endurance was very good so I was strong but very lean at the same time. I could eat what I wanted too and didnít really know about the importance of nutrition at the time.

I quickly recognised that I am strong and my body likes heavy lifting and this type of training, I also liked the feeling I would get after and satisfaction, and that was it but.

I also realised how very little women are lifting and that they were scared of lifting weights, and how others would react when I said that "I LIFT". I didnít but me off thought, but I would get very curious why people think that women shouldnít lift, why women would never go into the weight room because they would use terms like "I donít want to get huge, or I feel intimidated, I donít want to look like a man, etc.

So I thought to myself OK we have not only women that have stereotypes but also men too.

Now I mainly train Powerlifting and Bodybuilding but in my heart I am and always will be an Martial Artist

From the very beginning I was very lucky and, I must admit I was and am very lucky because in my "lifting journey I have met amazing amount of open minded, helpful, inspiring, motivating, athletes both Men and Women which just proves that. We all have stereotypes

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What motivates and inspires me?

Of course I have my people that I do admire and look up to of course to me they are role models because what they do and what they have achieved has proved that YOU CAN, WE ALL CAN it only depends how much you want it, how much are you prepared to work for it and how big are your goals and how big are your excuses.

But those people that inspire ME are not the people that I see on adverts or the covers of the magazines: they are the amazing people who I have been around and know them for who they are and what they do.

They are ambassadors of their own "ART" regardless if it MARTIAL ART, BODYBUILDING< POWERLIFTING, FITNESS, or any other sport. If they practice what they preach and inspire others then to me they are people who motivate me and many others too

My BIGGEST ROLEMODELS and people who inspire me are my followers and fans first of all but also:
1. Bruce Lee
2. Dorian Yates 6x MR.O an amazing inspiration, to me he is a Bruce LEE in Bodybuilding version
3. Gal Ferreira Yates IFBB World Champion and amazing and inspiring woman, with a capitol W and anyone who met her will agree. We met 5 years ago ( year when her and Dorian get married ) .And I remember that moment as yesterday. ...I was walking at BodyPower and we started chatting Gal and it was her who said ; Agata when you get back home find yourself a trainer and start lifting heavy - trust me you have potentials. So I did get back home, I didn't find myself a trainer but I started lifting even more intense and since then me and Gal Ferreira Yates has become friends and she is one of very few people I really look up to . And for being such a good friend and for who she is I am very grateful to her.
4. Oksana Grishina - both MRS. Olympia and Arnolds Classics Champion, the most humble female athletes I have met
5. Cynthia Rothrock "Lady Dragon " Undefeated Champion in Weapons and Martial Art Legend and actress but also my dearest and best friend

What are my thoughts?

Personally I believe that a Strong Person should be like water - because it will always channel their own path. I would like people to stop being afraid of progressing slowly, they should be only afraid of standing still and staying in their comfort zone. If you really want something and you do have Dreams then go for them they are waiting for you. Be determined, motivated, strong, happy, inspire others and be your own motivator and role model.

Be a better person everyday, a better version of yourself and remember that Rome was not build in one day: be consistent, patience, determined and hard working, love life and LIFT!!!!!! Because

My hobbies and interests?

I love and have huge respect for Human Mind and Body, and I love life and people so anything to do with that interest me a lot, so LIFTING, training, motivating people, human anatomy, human mind, sociology, phylosophy, biomechanics, reading, cooking, nutrition, travelling, culture, history, - you name it and I get curious.

I like to learn, and I love the knowledge, as Bruce Lee said: "Knowledge is the power but we must apply".

I would like to thank you and all my supporters, fans, friends, family and role models with out you I would be only a woman that lifts in her garage.

Because of you I am a woman and I lift, you all inspire me, you motivate me you are making me smile every single day. And for that I am grateful

Thank you,
I am a woman and I lift
Agata Dowding
Instagram: @iamawomanandilift
Facebook: I am a woman and I lift

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Agata Dowding

Agata Dowding