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August 2018 update:

I have always been athletic. I come from a track and field background. I started competing about 3 years ago in bikini and quickly switched to figure. I have been doing figure for a little over 2 years now.

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My diet actually doesnít change much as I grow very easily and cannot grow much more to stay in figure. I eat pretty keto aka low carb, low fat. A lot of my meals consist of protein and veg. Calories vary depending on how close to a show I am. I am very carb sensitive and my body just wants to grow so I donít eat much for carbs most of the year to be honest. I've always been pretty confident when it comes to athletics. It's my life passion. I have a kinesiology background with a degree for Dalhousie University. And I have been an elite level track and field athlete for most of my life.

Training/gym is my lifestyle. I love lifting, cardio, Hiit etc. Theres a time and a place for all of it. I eat 5 meals daily on or off season. And train and do my cardio in and around them. It really is quite easy for me as there is nothing else I would rather be doing. Some may call my lifestyle extreme but to me its just living my best life.

My feelings are always different each show. I donít really get nervous. I donít have expectations other than to just do my best and my end goal for now is always to get that pro card! Being an athlete is my life so it makes me who I am.

Future plans: Pro Card.

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Previous feature:

I have always been a life long athlete and it all just fell into place. One day I was done with competitive sports and wanted something to compete in and it just seemed like the next step. I was always lifting with track and field so I found the transition really easy. I also took Kinesiology in University so I could understand human movement in sport and fitness better. And now that's what I do as a career as well.

Diet off season vs. pre contest: I'm not one of those on season or off season people. I do so much and am in so involved in the fitness industry I try and stay fit all year long. I probably drink a little less water when I'm not training for a competition. Other than that I eat pretty clean. I will allow myself more cheats in the off season and sometimes they end up being clean cheats like a steak and baked potato. Other times I enjoy pizza or sushi with my boyfriend.

Failed diet: I'm not so great at keto. Having no carbs makes me feel like Iím starving. And end up eating carbs any way. I also am not that great at meal prep so I usually order from companies. But now my boyfriend cooks all of our meal prep. His food tastes so good and he loves cooking. I am super grateful.

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Training: A little bit of overtaking depending on what the specific goals are. Quite well it's all about organization and timing. I don't need to gain any m ore muscle so I do a lot of high rep lifts. I also do HIIT in the mornings on different machines and steady state in the evenings. I always time eating every 3 hours but sometimes it ends up being too because I'm always hungry.

I have always been very confident. I am very competitive and love the feeling of success. I always want to do my best so I know that confidence on stage is definitely something that I have to have. I also practice practice practice. You can never been too prepared.

I recently came 5th at Ontario Natural Provincials. I was so much more muscular than the other girls in my class so I am switching to open. I'm excited to see how I stack up with those girls. I love always trying to learn and grow and it's what makes the sport fun for me.

Future plans: Win my IFBB pro card! Own my own gym. Develop a huge online following and move most of my business online. Oh and get married :)

Alicia Bell
BSc Kinesiology
Certified Personal Trainer
NCCP Sprint and Hurdle Coach
Fascial Stretch Therapist
Ryerson University Head Track Coach
Team Trex Prep Coach
Instagram: @trainitirhgt

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