Ana Maria Vintu - IFBB Bikini Pro

I started competing 3 years ago. I was already going to the gym trying to get a fitness physique, but I had no idea about the bikini division. In June 2015 I went for the first time at the Rimini wellness and there I saw for the first time the bikini competitors that were competing during the exhibition. I felt in love with their body so I start thinking about getting a coach and start competing too. In August I was starting my first prep.

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In my opinion there is no real ,,off season'' in the sense that I put a lot of weight and I keep a high calorie intake for months, I like to think that it's a continuous prep, I work and train hard all year long. Of course after a long period of dieting hard I like to relax a little bit with the food and the workouts, but I do it just because my physique needs it. I usually take 2, max 3 kilos from my weight stage. Right now I'm taking a period of detox and relax, I eat a little bit more, but I don't track everything. And this situation will last just few weeks, after I will start dieting a little bit more to get confident with a strict diet, and from August I'm gonna start my new program for the next competitions. My meals are almost the same for months.. it changes a little bit the quantity and sources of the macros, but the basis is: chicken, rice, broccoli, salad, fish, meat, egg whites. Actually I always have been lucky with the diet plans. I can say that the hardest one was the carb cycling, because my body and mind gets really crazy, but it was effective anyway.
My coaches change my workout every 5 weeks but they always have a lifting part and a cardio one. I train 7 days/week, from 1 to 2 hours, and I get a refeed once a week.

I am a really motivated person, so in order to get that stage confidence I practice my posing almost every day before a competition. I love being on stage because I can show all my hard work and I feel just amazing, so the confidence is something that comes from the inside.

In one of my recent contest I won my pro card. I think that it's an unbelievable and amazing moment to live, after all these years I reached my goal, there were so many feelings and (don't get me crazy) I was already thinking at my next programs in order to get a more competitive body.

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Being an athlete changes everyone's life. 24 hours a day you are involved in a specific life, you have relaxed periods, but most of the time you stick to a plan. If you want to reach fitness goals you have to do a lot of sacrifices like saying no to your momma's food, or not going out with your friends. Sometimes you only have the time to workout and eat... it's not easy. I'm also a dj and in order to get this prep on point I gave up some work, especially in the last weeks.

My future plans are to work hard in order to be more prepared for the pro bikini division. I will start my prep on the 6th of August and my first competition will be the Dennis James Classic in Frankfurt the 28th of October.


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