Anna Kisielewicz - Bikini Competitor

Anna: My adventure with fitness started almost two years ago. One of the coaches I use to cooperate with, told me that I have the right qualities to do muscle sports. He offered me two or three trainings. I quickly developed a taste for it and after just three months of practising I made my debut both in body-building and fitness contests. I qualified for the semi-finals in Bikini Fitness. Then I decided to get ready for another competitions this time by entering autumn season... and that is how my adventure started and it have been into it ever since.

No matter if it is pre-contest or off-season time, my diet is very similar. The caloric value remains the same. The only difference is that it is more varied when it comes to off- season period. I follow a high-fat diet. I suffer from Hashimoto thyroiditis– autoimmune disease so I was forced to choose such a diet. It definitely influences my shape and mood best.

Before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis, similarly to most body-building sportswomen, I tried a diet based on energy coming from carbohydrates. Unfortunately, the results were unnoticeable until I dramatically changed the way I eat.

I practice weight training four times a week. I divide the trainings into sections devoted to certain parts of my body. Depending on whether it is pre-contest or off-season period I do various cardio exercises.

When doing body-building, a woman, who can notice her progress, becomes more confident and self-assured. Those who feel unattractive or with hangs-up will never find their way on a stage. After you enter the stage, even when stressed, you must smile and strut not showing your discomfort. Your movements should be smooth. Women who practiced for example dance in their childhood can achieve such grace naturally but sometimes it cannot be learned at all. With every performance we become more confident and sure of what we want to show on the stage. It comes with the experience you get. The more you perform the better your presentation is.

I have taken part in several contests so far. I represented Poland in the Arnold Classic Contest in Madrid in 2014 and the Olympia Amateur Praga 2015 Contest. I was awarded the third prize in Fitness and Body-building Competition in Sopot and got the fifth place during FIWE in Warsaw.

I completed the starting period in Prague (the Olympia Amateur Contest). Now it is time for holiday and recovery, I need both! After my holidays I start preparing for the Spring Season 2016. I am planning to take part in the Polish Championships. I am also thinking about entering some contests abroad.


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Anna Kisielewicz

Anna Kisielewicz