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Delphine: When Jonathan asked me to share my life success story, and the Journey towards competing, I found myself sitting for two days revisiting the series of traumatic events that moved me from Martial Arts and general conditioning to training with a single minded focus, Competing. My Obstacles began before I even knew what they would become, an absolute living nightmare. Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at 24 with 2 daughters 3 and 5, that was just the beginning of the fight for my life. Thyroidectomy, Remission, Relapse. Partial Masectomy, Remission, Relapse. Total Hysterectomy and one 3rd of my bladder removed, Remission, Relapse. AND Guess What! If your synthroid levels are too low your thyroid can miraculously grow back, and mine did. Thyroidectomy number 2. Drop Kick and now I’m pissed! The Hardest job in the world is being a Personal trainer/ Exercise physiologist and hyping up that positive energy and motivating smile while you feel like you're dragging around a 300lb body, holding water like a buffalo and are in full on surgical menopause that could have me unhinged in zero to point 5 seconds. I couldn't do a crunch, the incision from hip to hip mutilated my abs, I was so weak if I had slipped I would have drowned in a puddle. Then one day just like that, with a little nudge from my friend Heather, a Figure Competitior, I decided screw this, if Seabiscuit can do it, then without question or doubt, I can too.

Delphine Amiot

Delphine Amiot. Stronger than steel.

There are many issues that can come up with a Thyroid Disease if you leap into a crazy, off the charts diet with no structure, planning and the ability to be willing to make many adjustments along the way by staying in tune with how my body feels. Off season I try to eat as clean as possible, I am not as disciplined with the 6 meals a day and I can be guilty on cutting back on my supplements and quality protein powder. This can get really expensive at an alarming rate. On season I have found the most effective way for me to build muscle and loose fat is by following a carb cycle. My Diet is strict and I have normally finished my morning protein shake before my eyes are open, followed by Oatmeal. I make sure each of my meals are protein enriched foods. My diet is pretty boring but very effective. I have my cheat meal every Sunday, off season there may be a couple more of those meals thrown in for good measure.

I have tried several different dieting techniques over the years. In those early competitions I was just hardcore dieting the hell out of myself, everything was boiled and pretty much inedible. I learnt the hard way that one must continually check your thyroid levels, the intense training and dieting throws the balance off. I was up, down and sideways trying to make it to the finish line for those first two Midwest Ironman NPC Tournaments. For a girl that was told she would never be able to do a crunch, combat the enemy menopause, I felt very happy with my 3rd and 4th place trophies and a lot more confident on how my body will adapt to a new training regime. Of course no structured diet and training program is complete without my favorite supplements. L Carnatine with R lipoid acid, preferably on an empty stomach 3 times a day, followed with a teaspoon of omega 3/6/9.

Unfortunately I am unable to use any type of pre workout, they really screw me up! I have to dig deep and run on pure will power, with the occasional help of Red Bull. Post workouts consist of BSN Amino x, Glutamine, BSN Syntha 6. When I'm in Shred mode I will take 1 capsule of BSN Hypershred to optimize the efficiency of my workout. I take 1000mg of vitamin c, digestive enzymes and MRM Smart blend with 3 of my meals. I regularly check in with Dr Kenneth Best, a West Hollywood Chiropractor for Muscle Testing/applied kinesiology. I feel I have more integrity in all areas of training!

I Use a Non Linear Periodization Program 16 weeks out from training. I have a very high adaptation rate, In order for me to avoid overtraining or plateaus this technique works extremely well for the results I desire and it allows me to constantly modify my program depending on how my body is responding.

My last show was April 2013. I think I came in too scrawny, I had not given myself adequate time to recover from October's show, which I felt confident and satisfied with the results.

Future Plans! November was almost my expiration date. I suffered an acute Thyroid Storm (Thyroidtoxicosis) which has a high fatality rate, not the 7 day vacation I had anticipated. December 30th I had complete breast reconstuction and all remaining breast tissue removed. On The last day of my 6 week convalescence I decided to Compete in August, with my actual whole hearted goal to compete at my absolute best peak condition, something I believe I have not reached yet. My Message being this. “Strength comes from the heart. It has the ability to turn Impossible into I AM POSSIBLE.” Where there is a will, there is a way, and if at first you don't succeed, work your ass off till you come home with the #1 prize, whatever that may be to you. Training saved my life, and while at times I feel Like a KIT Car, body of a porsche, engine of a pinto, I know I have the willpower, dedication and commitment to do the impossible once again.

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