Gaia Gebbia - Physique Competitor

I started competing in April 2017, after my amazing husband pushed me to meet with a coach and join a team. I had always been interested in fitness and health but started to really focus on building my strength after an incident that made me feel weak and vulnerable. I wanted to take control of my health and have been able to overcome my personal trepidations and medical diagnoses by committing to this lifestyle. In my first competition, I placed in every category I entered and was nationally qualified- this sealed my love for the sport.

My meal plans both on and off contest are overseen by my coaches and they have worked closely with me to test what works best for my body. I havenít tried anything except the current plan I am on for competing but prior to joining this sport I was always trying new diets and meal plans and the one that worked best for me has been keto/paleo based. My training is a combination of lifting and cardio - depending on what phase of prep I am in.

I grew up in a very strong and self-confident family. I spent many years in both high school and college performing in theater, choir and speech & debate. I believe this was a great base for my stage presence when I compete. My biggest struggles are with time - I have so much I want to accomplish and with only 24 hours in a day I have to be very wise with my scheduling and task lists.

My last competition from 2017 was my first national show and it was such a wonderful learning experience for me. It was great to be able to stand on stage next to women who have been competing for years and whose careers I have followed.

Becoming a competitive bodybuilder has been a labor of love for everyone in my life. I am so grateful for the amazing support structure I have - friends, teammates, family and of course my husband. It takes focus, organization and dedication to balance competing with a full time job, being a wife and a new mom and staying sane.

Goal this year is to earn my IFBB Pro Card and start competing at a pro level!

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