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Toning the body is on everyone's mind, however, dieting and muscle building aren't as easy as they sound. Workout is truly successful when combined with a healthy weight loss diet. Amelia Powers, the 2007 Ms Bikini America Overall Champion, outlines what you really need to do in order to plan your workout as effectively as possible to build muscle. Discover the proper way to shape your body and make it fit, firm and beautiful.
Author: Amelia Powers / for Models Observer
September 2008

Choosing the right workout facility

Being each person has different goals, it is important for an individual to look at all aspects of a gym before becoming a member. For individuals looking to shape their body or to lose weight, I would recommend that the gym has the following: Plenty of free weights, an empty room for stretching/warming up which also allows for specific types of exercises such as lunges and abdominal exercises. A wide range of cardiovascular machines which allows for a variety workouts to help prevent boredom and thus keeps the person more motivated.

Prevention of sore muscles after workout

What I have found is Glutamine is the best supplement to take after a workout as it helps to prevent sore muscles and allows for faster recovery. Stretching between sets is also very important along with water to prevent dehydration of the muscles being muscles are 72% water.

Muscular endurance workouts

I would recommend high repetitions with a combination of cardiovascular exercises. Also, it is important to consume enough complex carbohydrates which helps the body to sustain a vigorous workout. High protein is also a good idea to help repair damaged muscles which occur during each workout.

Cardiovascular workout

What I have found as a trainer is that it is very important to routinely change the type of cardiovascular training to prevent workouts from becoming mundane or "routine" so to speak. For example: day one would be exercise bike which targets the legs. Day two: a nordic track or elliptical type machine to target both upper and lower body. Day three: a treadmill which a person can switch between a fast walk to a jog. These are just examples to show how to alternate machines to keep a person motivated and thus more interested in cardiovascular exercise. I would never recommend a person to do the same type of cardiovascular routine day in and day out. A body needs changes to reach optimal performance.

Pre and post workout nutrition

Trainers have different opinions on this area. In my opinion, it depends on the client and what they are trying to achieve. For those trying to lose weight I recommend water pre workout to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps. Maybe a light snack such as grapes or a banana. Nothing to high in carbs as the body burns fat faster when carbs are not abundant. This is why an early morning workout is best as the body burned most of it's carbs during sleep. Post workout nutrition is very important as the body and muscles need to refuel and recover. Glutamine is a great supplement to take after a workout. Consume complex carbohydrates as they help your muscles to absorb needed nutrients. High protein to rebuild muscle. Avoid sugars and simple carbs.

Lower body workout - Butt workout

As a trainer I have my clients work their glutes 3 times a week using only light weights with high repetitions and at times for some exercises no weights at all. Alternating exercises is important. For example, I would recommend a variety of the following: Good mornings being careful to keep perfect form to prevent back injury, stiff legged dead lifts (very light weight) and being sure to keep the legs straight and knees locked....thus all the motion concentrates on the glute muscles, deep lunges, kick backs with ankle weights, wide squats and leg curls.

Teen Workout

Depending on the age of a teenager will determine what type of workout he or she should perform. Young teenagers should be careful not to conduct weight exercises with extreme heavy weights, due to their muscles may not be fully developed. Young teenagers should concentrate on high repetitions, muscular endurance, stretching and most importanly is proper form/technique.

How can a woman stay dedicated to a diet/fitness program?

By setting realistic goals that can be obtained and then set new goals at that point. The most imortant is to have a strong mind or "will" if you may, being fitness is more mental than physical. It is also important to routinely change healthy foods and exercises.

Some important facts about fat in a diet

Education is important when it comes to eating. One must understand that not all fat is bad. In fact, the body needs fat to function properly. Example: fatty acids are important and one can consume un-saturated fat, but should avoid high quantities of saturated fat. The amount of un-saturated fat that should be consumed is determined by the individuals bodyweight.

Diet grocery list?

First and foremost, NEVER NEVER NEVER go grocery shopping when you are hungry!!! For obvious reasons, hunger prompts a person to buy based on cravings not on sensible eating. I myself prefer vegetables and fruits to be fresh. Canned vegetables and fruits are higher in sugar, salt and packed with preservatives. Know your grocery store layout and avoid the isles that offer nothing nutritious, such as the cookie, candy and chips isles. Unless you have a specific item needed, why create additonal temptation.

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