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I've always been an in involved in competitive activities, primarily Dance and Track and Field. Bodybuilding was a sport that just kind of fell into my lap when I was introduced to it in 2014. I feel like this sport is a great fit for me as it allows me to design creative posing via my dance background and fits with my physique that I've built as a track and field athlete.

So this is legit my FIRST day even touching a weight since before Europa.. I honestly forget how completely draining two day shows are and how necessary rest is.....I always say .. "No way I'm ever doing that show AGAIN!" But regardless of's such a well run show put together by really great promoters so I'm pretty sure I'll be saying the same thing until I'm ?... ???? feels good to be back doing what I do best though! Happy monday dolls! #cheers to doing what you love and being the best at it! ????????????????! #fitmomsforthewin #bodybuilder #weightlifting #ifbb #fitness

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Diet: It's a pretty significant change from off season to pre-contest. In off-season I'm not necessarily limiting carbs or restricting calories as much. I like to eat, which I try to consume the more fatty foods in moderation, but I do enjoy my favorite foods in off season, where as pre-contest we stick to 5-6 meals with low fat, higher protein and moderate carbs
Failed diets: None - I'm not a fad dieter, my coaches and I stick to what we know works with my body. I've it ain't broke, don't fix it right?! :)
Training: Fasted Cardio, Weight training and low fat high protein, moderate carbohydrate diet.

The more you compete and step on stage, the more confident you become. Most recently, I competed at the San Antonio Pro, July 6th, 2018 This show was different than any other show I'd done during the regular season ( not counting the Olympia). It was the largest show I had done with almost 40 competitors. There was a meet the pros portion of the check in process in which guests were given the opportunity to interact with the competitors, take pictures, ask questions, etc. :) Which was a lot of fun! The show went extremely fast, which I liked. I enjoyed the buffet spread they had for the competitors after wards! The energy of this show was different that any other. I had a blast and look forward to doing it again!

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How does being an athlete affect your whole life?
IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! It becomes a lifestyle for you. The constant drive to do and be better each and every year. Most of your normal habits change, i,e. going to the gym versus going out for food or for a drink..waking up early to get your cardio out of the way, eating habits, etc). I love how bodybuilding has made me more aware of the daily decisions that I make each and every day and I am grateful for it.

Future plans? Still working those future plans out but we look forward to sharing them when they are determined.

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